Man Masturbated Inside Starbucks, Followed Girls Around In Viral Video

A woman went viral after sharing her experience at a Starbucks in Miami Beach when a man followed her and her friends inside and began masturbating before following them out of the store.

The video, posted by Halley Kate or @halleykate, received more than 7.3 million views and 20,500 comments from concerned viewers in just three days.

"I am in Miami right now and the most horrifying, traumatizing thing of my life happened to me so I'm going to share this story as a warning to other girls," Halley said in the video. "Cause I'm gonna be honest I always thought things like this just didn't happen to people and they were made up, but it's real."

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center estimates that 81 percent of women in the United States reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment or assault in their lives.

Sexual harassment is the umbrella term for any nonconsensual or unwelcome behavior, comment, or action of a sexual nature.

Types of sexual harassment include unsolicited touching, physical sexual acts, unwelcoming sexual advances, and exposing or performing sexual acts on oneself without consent.

In the video, Halley explained that earlier that morning, she and her friends mobile ordered Starbucks and went to pick it up. She said when they arrived at the store a man ran in front of them and opened the door.

"Didn't think anything of it," she said. "Thought he was being a gentleman."

Halley said there were about 30 people waiting inside the Starbucks but that she and her friends were able to wait at the mobile order counter for their drinks.

"I then noticed the man that opened the door for us is standing right behind us at the mobile order counter," she said. "He hadn't ordered a drink or anything and I noticed he's not wearing shoes. Literally just socks and boxers. No pants, no shoes, just standing behind us."

Halley said she noticed the man had his hand in his pants but that she wasn't really paying attention.

Since the Starbucks was busy, she said she and her friends were waiting at the counter for a while and noticed the man was still standing behind them with his hand still in his pants.

"I then start to pay a little more attention and I realize he is jerking himself off," she said.

Halley then showed footage from inside the Starbucks which showed the man standing in the corner of the store and masturbating behind the girls.

"At this point, me and my friends are literally in a corner where we can't move, we're waiting for our drinks, I am so scared to say or do anything because I don't want him to put his hands on me or assault me."

She claimed she eyed the Starbucks employees and said no one did anything.

"There are so many people in the Starbucks, no one is doing anything and me and my friends are just standing there frozen solid, terrified."

Eventually, she said a young woman in her early twenties started filming the man and screamed at him telling him to get out and that she was sending the video to the police.

Halley played the video which showed the man looking directly at the camera with his hand in his pants as the woman shouted that he was "disgusting."

"At this point I am so scared I'm like he's gonna start swinging, I'm not ready for this," she said.

She and her friends decided to go outside to sit with their other friends before the man walked out and came near them.

"The Starbucks people just let him walk outside, follow us, sit down at this table and continue," she said.

However, a spokesperson with Starbucks told Newsweek that employees contacted the police as soon as they were aware of the situation and that an employee followed the man outside to ensure police knew his location.

"Once alerted to the customer's behavior, our partners (employees) took action and local authorities were immediately called," the spokesperson said. "We want our stores to be a welcoming environment and our partners are empowered to address any behavior that doesn't meet our 3rd Place Policy."

In the video, Halley pulled up a photo of the man staring at her with his hands in his pants.

She said the man then sat down near her and her friends and they decided to leave. But as soon as the women walked away, she said the man started to chase them.

As the women were running away, the police drove by and got involved.

"As soon as he sees the cops he's a runner he's a track star he's f***ing sprinting away on full force," she said.

Halley then showed a photo of the man being tased to the ground by the police. She said he was detained and that she is glad that he was taken off the street.

In the comments section, more than 20,500 viewers shared their disgust with Halley's situation and the lack of response.

"As a Starbucks worker idk how the hell no one did anything," one user commented.

"The bystander effect is literally the WORST," another wrote.

The bystander effect states that people are less likely to intervene in a situation if there are other people around.

"You're in a group of 4 people, in broad daylight, in a crowded public space, and this still happens?!? Literally couldn't be safer that is so scary," another user mentioned and received more than 126,600 likes.

"The most traumatizing part is no one did ANYTHING besides another girl who was also just as traumatized," another comment read.

Newsweek reached out to Halley Kate for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

Specialists from the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) sexual assault hotline are available 24/7 via phone (1 (800) 656-4673) and online chat. Additional support from the group is also accessible via the mobile app.

Man Sexually Harasses Women in Starbucks
A woman and her friends were sexually harassed inside a Starbucks in Miami after a man began masturbating behind them in the store. She posted her experience on TikTok where it received more than 7.3 million views in three days. Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images