Man Mauled by Three Pit Bulls At Kentucky Park Left 'Pretty Chewed Up'

A Kentucky man has said he was left "pretty chewed up" after being surrounded and attacked by three pit bull dogs while out walking last week.

David Weaver, 62, suffered injuries across his entire body—including the face, back and lower torso—and was hospitalized after the unprovoked incident, which occurred late last week at Louisville's Shawnee Park, roughly a mile into his daily walk.

The man said his hands were mangled as he attempted to fight off the dogs, which had circled around him and attacked from all angles, WDRB reported.

Weaver added: "You can see [injuries] on my face, on the side of my face, on my back, you know, on my bottom. Some pretty good gashes on my leg and, you know, I've even got some scratches on my private parts. So, I was pretty chewed up."

The victim said the bigger dog positioned itself in front, and the two smaller ones were behind him. As he punched, they started biting at his gloves and clothing.

He said: "I just kept doing the same thing—swinging, sometimes they would let up a little bit. But then they were battling me, and I was starting to get weaker."

Weaver said he was saved after a stranger helped to scare the dogs away. "He started going at them from different angles and they finally let loose," he told WDRB. "I'm going to have to get his information and thank him, because he saved my life."

According to DogsBite, a victims' organization that is dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks, pit bulls contributed to 66 percent (346) of the 521 Americans who were killed in canine attacks in the 15-year period between 2005 and 2019.

The group said in a report that it logged 48 fatal dog attacks in the U.S. in 2019. Pit bulls contributed to 69 percent (33) of those deaths. On Twitter, DogsBite said the group dog mauling that happened to Weaver was a "classic" example of a pit bull attack.

Classic attack by a trio of pit bulls—"The biggest one, he was maintaining my attention at the front, and then the other ones would kind of go behind me," he said. "I had to try to keep going in this little circle like motion.”

— (@dogsbite) January 21, 2021

Kentucky's Metro Animal Services said one of the pit bulls involved in that attack was captured last Friday, and the remaining two were caught on Sunday.

Adam Hamilton, a supervisor at Metro Animal Services, told WDRB that Weaver was lucky to be alive, noting that an attack by three dogs could easily prove fatal.

He said: "We didn't want somebody else to get attacked. If they attacked this person just walking, we [didn't] know what they were going to do to somebody else."

He said none of the pit bulls were microchipped or had been wearing leashes, and the dogs' owners had not been identified. He said the owners could face charges.

He said: "We're hoping somebody will call and say they know who owns these dogs so that we can see what's going on with this situation. It's 50-50. Sometimes, we have people come in because they want their dogs back. Other times, we don't."

Last December, a 10-year-old girl was transported to hospital in Oklahoma after being attacked and bitten by a pack of dogs that escaped from her neighbor's yard.

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