Man Uses Pet Cat to Fend Off Huge Spider Crawling on His Ceiling

A man has come up with an ingenious hack to get rid of giant spiders in his house—by getting his cat to take them on. A video of a cat being held up to the ceiling and facing off with the enormous spider is going viral, having been viewed 2.8 million times on TikTok.

Australian TikTok user Luke_jones uploaded the video, which sees a woman holding the cat towards the spider, as the cat tentatively paws at the creature.

It's not unusual to see a spider that big in the household, as the TikTok user told someone in the comments that they "get so many of them in the house." Jones told another commenter that the spiders "get into everything, all the linen cloths in the bed."

TikTok users joked about how big the spider was, with one saying: "Are you feeding the cat to that spider?" Another added: "I thought you were offering your cat to be saved."

Others made jokes about the incident being a common occurrence in Australia. "A sacrifice all Aussies have to give to the Huntsman each month to keep it from harming us," said one user while another simply said: "Tell me you live in Australia, without telling me you live in Australia."

Luke_jones revealed in a comment that his cat regularly takes on Huntsman spiders.

Australian Huntsman spiders are "famed as being the hairy so-called 'tarantulas' on house walls that terrify people by scuttling out from behind curtains," according to the Australian Museum.

They are large with long legs and are mostly grey or brown. Many Huntsman spiders have flattened bodies to allow them to live in narrow spaces, and their legs spread forwards and latterly like a crab.

Huntsman spiders generally live under loose bark on trees or in crevices on rock walls and in logs, but they sometimes enter houses and are "notorious" for entering cars and hiding behind sun visors.

So what happens if a cat gets its paws on a spider? Fortunately, the cat will likely be completely fine.

According to a Wired article by science writer Gwen Pearson: "Cats often eat spiders, and for the most part, spiders don't hurt cats. There are a lot of rumors that letting a cat eat a venomous spider (which is, frankly, nearly any spider) will kill a cat; I can't find any documentation of that.

"The process of consuming and eating a spider digests the proteins in the venom and renders them neutral. Which is why people that eat spiders are fine as well."

Stock image of a cat. An Australian man shared a video of how his cat helps him scare away Huntsman spiders. Photography by Adri/Getty