Man Poses as Beto O'Rourke Campaign Worker, Breaks Into Home and Eats a Popsicle

A man who claimed to be a campaign worker for Beto O'Rourke was arrested for allegedly breaking into a home in Austin, Texas where he was later found eating a Popsicle in the kitchen.

Austin police responded to a breaking and entering call, and they eventually arrested James Bradford Gibbon II, 28, and charged him with burglary of a residence, which is a second-degree felony.

According to CBS Austin, a man who lives in the 800 block of Barton Boulevard, in the Barton Springs area, saw a man wandering around the home of his neighbor. The neighbor asked the stranger wearing a Beto O'Rourke t-shirt what he was doing, and Gibbon replied, "campaigning for Beto for president."

Being neighborly and sensing the man would be soliciting at the home, the witness told Gibbon to beware of the dog at the home. Not long after, police say the witness saw what appeared to be Gibbon leaving the house from the front, and then entering the backyard.

When the homeowner arrived, she claims Gibbon was in her kitchen just eating a Popsicle. When she confronted Gibbon about it, he said it was a "misunderstanding" before he left the home, according to police. The homeowner's son called 911.

Austin police arrived and questioned Gibbon, who reportedly said he knew he was in the wrong and that he had entered the home through a side door.

Police said Gibbon confessed to them he had entered the home and sifted through a wallet, an iPad and briefcase before helping himself to the ice pop.

Court documents revealed that quite a few items were also taken from a backpack and arranged in a way that appeared to have been in the order they were removed.

Beto O'Rourke is a former Democratic U.S. Representative from El Paso who gained national attention during a tight senate race with incumbent Texas Republican Ted Cruz in 2018. He became wildly popular in Texas last midterm election, especially in the state's largest cities of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, which are Democratic strongholds in an otherwise Republican state.

O'Rourke is now one of the many Democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 election. Former Vice President Joe Biden leads almost every major Democratic poll for 2020. O'Rourke is as high as No. 2 in some polls.