Man Poses in Front of Moving Bus for 'Death Wish' TikTok Video

TikTokers going to extreme lengths to get content is nothing new, but one user has taken it to new lengths when he captured himself posing in front of a moving bus.

The video, which was posted by user @onurnayir on April 20, has gained over one million views, but only managed to amass 20,000 likes at the time of publication.

Onurnayir can be seen walking in front of the bus during moving traffic and stopping to pose after. Luckily for the TikToker, the bus managed to slow down and stop in time to not cause any harm.

Not so luckily for him however, Reddit users managed to find the clip, where it was subsequently shared in the "Facepalm" subreddit. The forum sees members "share the stupidity of people online and IRL," according to its description, by posting images and clips of "stupid" moments.

Titled "Another TikTok user, this time standing in front of a public bus," the post has received over 860 comments in less than four days at the time of publication.

The TikTok video may have drawn attention but so far, it's been for all the wrong reasons. On the video, one user commented: "If having a death wish was a person."

Reddit users instead put their opinions less politely, with some even suggesting the idea of police involvement in any future similar instances on TikTok. "Let's all agree to teach our children to unfollow people who do this type of content," reads one of the least harsh comments available.

This isn't the first time Onurnayir has intercepted traffic to create content on the app either. In March 2020, he similarly stood and posed in front of a moving tram at night. Likewise, the vehicle luckily stopped just in time and the video racked up over three million views.

The creator of the videos has since deleted all his posts of both traffic stunts, but the clip is still available to see on Reddit.

In recent months, TikTok has become host to frequent attempts of dangerous acts by TikTokers in order to gain views and reactions. On May 9, TikTok user @Alexa_reed2 uploaded a video licking a dangerous bluebottle jellyfish, a creature responsible for an average of 10,000 stings every summer in Australia.

Other challenges, like the "Blackout Challenge," which has been linked to deaths of app users, and the "Benadryl Challenge," which encourages taking the allergy medication in order to get high, are clearly dangerous by nature.

Newsweek contacted Onurnayir for comment.

Bus stopped in street
Travel company bus greets tourists at the airport to take to the hotel. A video of a TikToker posing in front of a bus has gone viral. Getty Images. Getty Images