Man Puts Live Snake Into Wall to Force Out Nesting Rats in Viral Video

Rats come crawling out of the walls in a viral video when a man feeds a snake into a hole in the wall for "natural pest control."

The video, shared on Twitter by @STFU_anajai2, shows a 45-second clip of the YouTube video originally posted by user Daily Memeow.

The Twitter video shows a man feeding a small snake into a cut hole in the wall. The man then places a bucket underneath the opening in the wall to catch the rats. As the rats start crawling out, the man helps them along with a broom. He covers the bucket with a thin box to make sure each one rat doesn't escape while he tries to get the rest of them out.

The rats come out of the wall one by one. Seven rats can be seen making their way out of the wall and not the bucket before the video ends.

A caption on the video claims that the snake had already eaten, and it was only used to drive the rats out of the walls—not catch and eat them.

They runnin up out that mf😂

— A 'dot' Summers...... (@STFU_anajai2) June 26, 2021

The video posted on Saturday to YouTube has already gained a couple of thousand views. But on Twitter, it is climbing to popularity. With over 5,000 likes and 1,300 retweets, viewers had much to say about the odd pest control.

Multiple Twitter users commented that this trick wouldn't work in New York City, where the rats are known to populate.

"If this was nyc rats would have been ate that snake up," @ackeeandNafish replied to the video.

They got evicted😭😭

— quay (@notquay) June 26, 2021

Others said that they would be moving or burning down the house if they had that many rats living inside of their walls.

"You had 6 rats and now a snake your wall? Nah I'd be on Zillow," @isaisaachtx wrote.

A corn snake dangles from a keeper's arm. In a viral video, a snake is put inside of a wall to scare out rats. Marcus Brandt/ Picture Alliance/Getty Images

One question was repeatedly asked on the tweeted video: "now how do you get the snake out of the wall?"

Twitter user @critical_verses offered this solution:

"Now you just need to put a mongoose in there to chase the snake out."

Now you just need to put a mongoose in there to chase the snake out.

— Midnight Marauder (@critical_verses) June 26, 2021

The original Tweeter posted the full video as a comment, and it shows an unedited version of the rat eviction that answers the pressing question.

In this version of the video, 11 rats can be seen coming out of the wall, and the person filming even peers over the bucket to show the rats that have been caught. The snake peaks out of the wall after the last rat fall into the bucket, and after a few seconds, the snake starts to slither out of the hole.

The man in the video helps the snake back out of the wall when his job is complete.