Man Quits His Job With Epic 'Have a Good Life' Text and People Are Impressed

A man quit his job in a spectacular fashion by texting his boss "have a good life" after being berated for sitting down.

The worker did what most of us dream doing; giving our superiors a piece of our mind after getting a grilling.

The man shared a screengrab of the exchange to the /r/antiwork subreddit, under the username @Hestolemysmile, on Thursday.

He explained: "Quit my job last night, it was nice to be home to make the kids breakfast and take them to school today! Off to hunt for a new opportunity, wish me luck."

The texts are between himself and someone saved as "boss," and appear to berate the worker, whose other posts indicate he was employed at a fulfillment center.

A post uploaded last month said: "Working at a fulfillment center is one of the least fulfilling jobs you can have."

It seems he finally had enough after receiving this message from a manager, which said: "Good evening [redacted], I was reviewing the cameras from our shift today and noticed that you were sitting on a stool for the majority of your shift. This is completely unacceptable behavior and we will be discussing it tomorrow before shift."

He replied, not only explaining there was a medical reason for why he was sat down, but pointed out he still managed to be the top-performing worker that day.

The text said: "I cleared it with [redacted]. I have two broken bones in my left foot (doctor documented). Aside from that—I packed 240+UPH for the entirety of my shift, 12 full hours. I'm not sure if you're aware, but we do have a ranked list for packing displayed directly above our stations. My efforts earned me first place yesterday.

"So just to be clear—my impressive performance was overshadowed by the fact that I wasn't uncomfortable enough while doing it?"

The boss wasn't pleased, and snapped back: "I'm really not appreciating your attitude. You could have just said the first part where it was cleared with another lead instead of being disrespectful. This type of behavior isn't going to get you anywhere here."

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But the worker refused to be spoken to like that, and defiantly wrote: "Hey, thanks for wasting my precious time off with some garbage you didn't bother to investigate beforehand. Seriously—240+UPH—what you claim to be the pinnacle of performance here, I achieved it, and I get grief because I was sitting while doing it.

"You guys need to get your priorities straight. It's no wonder that you have such difficulties retaining staff. I'm not concerned with going "anywhere" there. It's a toxic environment with ignorant people at the helm. I won't be in tomorrow or ever again."

Seemingly faced with losing one of their best workers, the manager replied: "We don't need to rush to you leaving. Let's talk in the morning and we can sort this out."

But the man had enough, and signed off with a satisfactory: "No thanks. Have a good life."

Since being shared the messages have received 217,000 upvotes, as people overwhelmingly backed the man's decision. While it's not clear where he's based, previous posts indicate he's based in the U.S.

He shared an update for fans in the comments, adding: "Thank you! It sucks because the job itself wasn't that difficult, I'd put my headphones in and jam out all day long while packing. I'm just not going to put up with abusive people anymore—in my personal or professional life. I've had enough of that. Thank you all SO much for the support! I'm sure I'll find a new job in no time."

Numerous people praised his decision, and were impressed at how he handled the situation.

RiceThrowaway913 commented: "Power to you! I'm glad you're looking for somewhere that's going to give you the respect you deserve."

CooterSlam3000 raved: "Epic. This internet stranger is so damn proud of you. Let's not put up with this s*** anymore!"

Far_Pianist2707 reckoned: "Like an abusive partner. Good job quitting, OP."

Sirius4778 commented: "OP, you kick ass."

"This is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing. And congratulations!!" Aylwin4now added.

There have been reports of a labor shortage across the U.S., as businesses and offices reopen following COVD-19 measures being eased.

But despite positions being open across the U.S., a report from the Labor Department reported 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August.

These figures were higher in the South and Midwest, parts of the country hit the hardest by COVID-19.

Employers are posting near-record job openings, as further figures showed 3 million citizens who were laid off at the height of the pandemic stopped looking for work, and have yet to resume a job search.

Newsweek reached out to Hestolemysmile for comment.

File photo of a man's phone.
File photo of a man's phone. A worker quit his job in a spectacular fashion over text, and people are impressed. milindri/Getty Images