Man Refuses to Wear Mask in Native American Reservation Store, Says Shirt Over Face is 'Mask'

A Wisconsin man repeatedly refused to wear or purchase a mask at a grocery store on a Native American reservation Monday. Instead, he attempted to convince employees his shirt offered enough protection against the spread of coronavirus.

The latest video of an American lashing out in anger over COVID-19 mask requirements depicts a shopper who is refusing to wear a mask or leave the LDF Country Market in Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin. The Old Abe Road store is in the Lake Superior Chippewa reservation area that is home to a large number of Ojibwe tribal bands. On Monday, the store on Tribal land was the scene of "an irate white man" pulling his shirt over his exposed stomach and telling store employees it was a sufficient facial covering. Video shows the man demanding to know the names of each store employee as they politely ask him to leave.

The LDF Country Market operations manager confirmed to Newsweek by phone on Tuesday that the man in the video was later removed after they called Tribal police. The manager said this was not the first time a customer had defiantly refused to wear a mask while shopping.

"We are requiring consumers and staff to do the six-foot distancing and masks are required within the business," the manager added. "We do have the right under Tribal reservation codes to enforce the mask requirement and we're also within our rights to call Tribal PD to escort out people being rowdy or refusing to follow our guidelines."

The Lac Du Flambeau Tribal Council passed a resolution earlier this year which allows only permanent residents on Tribal land during the pandemic.

"There's an irate white man on the reservation trying to boss us around right here folks," the store employee recording the incident can be heard saying, prompting the customer to ask why he would bring "race" into the situation.

"This is what they look like. You were asked three times and you didn't listen. You're on a sovereign nation, if you don't like it, get out," the store employee replied.

Man in Wisconsin follows in his ancestor’s footsteps by bringing illness to a Native American reservation & refusing to leave

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"Please leave, sir," another store employee urged the shopper. "You have to purchase a mask at the door or you have to go home and get one."

"This mask is fine, what's wrong with this mask?" the man wearing a U.S. Marine Corps hat said as he continued to hold his shirt in place over his face. "It's the same as yours."

"That's not a mask," several store employees and one customer can be heard saying, pointing to the fact he was unable to cover his mouth or nose.

The LDF Country Market's website lists several health and safety requirements necessary for entering or shopping at the store, including a 14-day self-quarantine period prior to visiting the store or other Tribal lands.

Wisconsin's health department announced a new daily coronavirus case record was set on Monday, as the state overall added 703 new positive infections.

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A Wisconsin man repeatedly refused to wear or purchase a mask at a convenience store on a Native American reservation Monday, instead trying to convince employees his shirt offered enough protection against the coronavirus. LDF Country Market