Man Says He Threatened 'Stalker' Neighbor Who Sent Wife 'Over the Top' Gift

A man told Redditors in a now-viral post that his wife received an "over the top" Valentine's Day gift from their neighbor, and alleged "stalker," Chad.

Posting to Reddit's "Today I F***ed Up" forum under the username u/RedsMagoo, the man said that he threatened Chad but worried that Chad "might kill him." The post has so far received more than 9,500 upvotes and more than 1,000 comments from concerned Redditors who advised the man to file a police report.

And while it can't be determined whether or not Chad is stalking the man's wife, the post does highlight a pattern of behavior that could spell trouble.

At the beginning of his post, the man said that he came home on Valentine's Day to find his wife "looking around in a frightened way."

"She dragged me to the kitchen. There I saw the largest f**king vase of roses I'd ever seen. Red roses, at least a hundred of them. There was a box of candy the size of a pillow. I was confused until she whispered at me—even though we were alone in our own home—that the neighbor had sent them to her," the man wrote.

As he talked to his wife about the gift, the man learned that Chad had been "coming on to her for months." Soon after moving in, his wife said that Chad started hanging out around the house and "started buying her little gifts."

Eventually, Chad also started stopping by the house when the man wasn't home.

According to Victim Connect, "stalking is a pattern of behavior."

"It is often made up of individual acts that could, by themselves, seem harmless or noncriminal, but when taken in the context of a stalking situation, could constitute criminal acts," the helpline explained.

If someone is being stalked, they might receive unwanted gifts, letters and/or phone calls, the hotline explained. A stalker might also follow the victim around or randomly "show up," among other things.

Any individual who fears they are being stalked should not only contact authorities but also tell coworkers, friends and family members who can "keep an eye out for suspicious activity," advised Victim Connect.

"She didn't tell me anything because she didn't want me mad at the neighbor," the Redditor explained. "I said, 'If you had told me sooner I could have talked to him nicely or befriended him but now he's done all this. How am I supposed to handle this?'"

Later that night, Chad rang the couple's doorbell. Upset, the man told Chad that he would be installing cameras around his home and then threatened to kill him.

"The look he gave me scared me and I'm a head taller than this guy and not afraid of much. I think he's going to kill me if he can," the man concluded.

Because u/RedsMagoo's wife had received small gifts from Chad and caught him hanging around the house, commenters encouraged the man to talk to the police.

"[I]t's time to speak to the cops and install cameras," wrote u/beaverbait.

"Go to the police with your wife [don't let them come to you on a call, stalker neighbor would notice and it'd get his gears going]. Don't leave without getting an incident report in, tell them the neighbor has been told to leave and have no contact," added u/DonningSoggyBiskits.

A man told Redditors in a now-viral post that his wife received an “over the top” Valentine’s Day gift from their neighbor, and alleged “stalker,” Chad. Many commenters said the man should contact law enforcement. Comstock/istock