Man Slammed for Selling Pregnant Wife's Baby Shower Gifts To Pay for Trip

A pregnant woman is being urged to commence divorce proceedings after detailing how her husband sold all of their baby shower gifts in order to fund a trip away with his friends.

Raising a baby is expensive. According to figures compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a middle-income family earning between $59,200-$107,400 can expect to spend around $12,980 for every child they have.

Any kind of support, financial or otherwise, is therefore hugely appreciated. That's the idea, in part, behind a baby shower. It's about providing the expectant mom and dad with some of the essentials needed to look after their newborn when they eventually arrive.

Baby showers are also a celebration for friends and family eager to show their love and support for the new parents. However, one expectant mom is facing a future without that head start and quite possibly one without the father of her unborn child.

Writing in a post upvoted over 10,000 times on Reddit's "Am I The A******" subreddit, the woman recalled how in the run-up to the birth, her friends and family had thrown a baby shower in which she received a variety of "baby care essentials" to help them over the first few months including "baskets, books, pajamas, diaper packs and pacifiers."

However, when she went to look at the gifts the next morning they were gone. The woman said she initially "freaked out" and tried calling her husband on his phone to find out if he knew where they were. But he didn't pick-up.

A little later, he returned home with "money in his hands" and proceeded to tell his wife the unthinkable: he had taken her baby shower gifts and sold them.

She said the gifts were worth "100s of dollars." Though her husband might have been forgiven had he been facing inescapable financial trouble, he instead claimed he need the money to "help his friend get his van fixed so they could go on a trip next week."

He also claimed they didn't need the gifts as they "already have a nursery full of essentials" and that ultimately he had "no choice" as his friends had "threatened to exclude him" from the trip unless he got the van fixed.

After he dismissed her concern as simply her "overreacting," the woman decided to tell everyone who had given her gifts what he had done.

The man soon found himself inundated with messages from friends and family condemning his behavior—but he still refused to back down, instead hitting out at his wife for acting "immaturely" by exposing what he had done. "He said that is his baby too and he is entitled to half of those gifts," she wrote. "He believes I told them a sob story and ruined his reputation."

The man has since left his pregnant wife to go and stay with a friend. She said he has been "refusing" to return her calls unless she fixes her "mistake."

As extraordinary a response as you are likely to find in those kinds of circumstances, the post drew a stunned reaction from many on social media who urged the woman to see the incident for the glaring red flag it is and cut ties with the father of her child.

BitterPillPusher urged the woman to find "a good divorce lawyer," with Ohiashleyy noting that the would-be dad "stole from his unborn child." Another Redditor, posting as _Aisus_, told the woman she needed to ask herself some "hard questions" about whether she wanted to stay with "someone like this."

Brismaiden, meanwhile, said the woman was right to tell people what he did "otherwise people would have asked about their gifts when the baby was born. This child deserves a better Dad."

Runningwithkimchi said the dad's behavior should act as a warning. "He's showing you who he is: an inconsiderate and selfish man who cares about him, not you nor the baby," they said. Dammi_il_5 added: "I wouldn't think this is the first time he's done such a thing nor will it be the last."

Material_Cellist4133 also dismissed the dad's claim they already had enough baby stuff. "Just because you already have a set of those items, doesn't mean you have enough," they warned. "Babies go through things like crazy, and it's always good to have backups for when things break, no time for laundry, etc."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

A couple looking at baby clothes.
Stock image of a man and a pregnant woman looking at baby clothes. An expectant mother has been urged to start divorce proceedings after her husband stole her baby shower gifts and pocketed the money. gpointstudio/Getty