Man Shares Girlfriend's Tactic To Make Him Do Chores: 'Pettiness Level 100'

A video showing a girlfriend's "petty" reaction to her boyfriend not doing any chores at home has gained viral attention online.

Shared on TikTok on Thursday, the video—that has now received over 5 million views—was posted by couple Sarah and Bobby who use the handle sarahandbob241.

In the video, Bobby says: "I appreciate I don't do any chores in the house, and this has been acknowledged in the past, but I feel like this is a message because she's made her side of the bed and left my side." Throughout the now-viral video, the text overlay reads: "When your girlfriend is working at pettiness level 100."

Showing a beautifully made half of the bed and another that is still un-made, the video has left viewers in stitches. One viewer wrote: "I need to start doing this," while another said: "She's got a point. Not going to lie, I've done the same thing."

Petty girlfriend TikTok screenshot
A video showing a girlfriend's "petty" reaction to her boyfriend not doing any chores at home has gained viral attention online. This combined image comes from from the video, which has received more than 5 million views. sarahandbob241/TikTok

In a 2022 paper, University of Utah associate professor Daniel Carlson analyzed surveys from the 1990s and early 2000s to break down how couples divide labor in the home—from who takes out the trash to who does the laundry.

Carlson found that overall men do less than 40 percent of household chores but in more egalitarian households there is more variation, including men and women doing roughly equal amounts of housework that varies between 40 and 60 percent.

Looking at the data Carlson found that increases in men's proportion of overall housework are positively associated with women's reports of relationship quality, but negatively associated with men's reports.

Carlson's research found that the most mutually beneficial housework arrangement is where all the tasks are shared equally. While men may be equally satisfied doing no housework or sharing tasks equally, women's highest satisfaction is where all or most tasks are shared, proving that for a happy relationship, it's best to divide up those jobs.

In the video, Bobby asked viewers: "On a level of 'she's got a point,' 10 being she's got a point and 1 being she's being petty, what do you guys think?" Viewers rushed to answer the question.

"11/10 I'd say mate," wrote one commenter. While another said: "10 she has a point."

Another TikTok user wrote: "Your girlfriend is your partner not your mom and not your maid. Do your part."

"I mean, they do say actions speak louder than words," said another comment.

Some viewers were inspired by the woman's way of getting her message across: "I've been married to my husband 25 years," wrote one viewer. "Why have I never thought of this? That's brilliant, top score from me."

With more than 18,000 replies, the couple have been left amused by the reaction to their video and told Newsweek: "It's funny because Bobby actually does a lot of the housework and if people have followed us for a while they will have seen the videos where [Sarah] asks him obvious questions to wind him up when doing the washing or hoovering up. People take things literally but we are glad that our videos entertain people."

Elsewhere online, a woman sparked debate after sharing that she misses her boyfriend's "chubby" body after he lost weight.