Man Stuns Internet With Story of How He Got Shot by Woman While on a Date—'Very Awkward'

A 22-year-old hunting enthusiast has regaled the internet with the story of how he ended up in hospital after a date went badly wrong.

Dates can and often do go wrong for any number of reasons. Sometimes the conversation doesn't flow, other times the personalities simply don't mesh and often it just comes down to a lack of attraction.

But it's rare for a date to go badly as a result of someone shooting the other person. And yet, that is apparently exactly what happened to the man from the U.K. posting to Reddit's "Today I F***ed Up" subreddit. At the time of writing the post had been upvoted over 24,000 times.

He prefaced his post by noting that, while the situation that played out was bad it was "not as bad as it could've been across the pond," namely because he was shot with an air rifle rather than an actual rifle.

According to the post, the "experienced outdoorsman" had recently "hit it off" with 19-year-old Ellie thanks to their "shared love of nature, animals and scary stories" and eventually they decided to go shooting.

After making his way to his "usual spot" and showing Ellie the "basics of firearm safety," they began their hunt. After a while the man said he got the "call of nature" and without a bathroom to go into, headed off into the bushes to answer it.

Afterwards, assuming that Ellie had stopped hunting, he then decided to "cut across the range to get back quicker." What he didn't realize, however, was that Ellie still had her sights set on that same range.

"I make it up over the Ridge onto the range just in time to hear a crack and a searing pain in my left shoulder," the man recalled. Realizing he had been shot, he dropped to the ground behind the ridge, "half expecting another shot." What he hears instead is "Ellie scream out."

Walking over to her "bleeding badly" he admits he tried his "damndest" to be "nonchalant" about the gunshot wound. Ellie, for her part, apparently could not stop apologizing and was "crying" and saying she was "convinced she's going to prison."

After packing up their things, they embarked on a "long, very awkward drive" to the hospital. While he was treated soon after arrival, Ellie was "grilled by a nurse" with talk of her reporting the incident to the police.

Thankfully the man intervened to say it was an accident and entirely his fault. They ended the date drinking coffee in the hospital canteen where they decided "things didn't actually go that bad" and set up another date, with the promise of "no weapons involved this time."

As wild and potentially life-threatening the date may have been, plenty of Redditors were able to see the funny side. Bzzzzzt_69 quipped: "I'm struggling to get texts back and my guy here gets a woman shooting their shot. Literally." JinterIsComing added: "And that, lads, was how I met your mom."

Castle0001, meanwhile, joked: "If this works out you will permanently have the upper hand in any situation. 'I'm sorry. I can't take the trash out. My shoulders acting up from that time you shot me.'" Elsewhere Own_Zookeepergame271, asked: "Isn't this a sitcom? How I shot your father (HISYF)"

Others struck a more somber tone with their responses though. DairyPro felt it was fortunate that it was "only with air rifles" so "makes for a good story" but urged the poster to learn from it.

"Always make a habit of calling out 'The Range is Cold' or something similar and having everyone else on the firing line repeat it back to ensure it's understood anytime anyone needs to walk down range," they said. "Then call out 'The Range is Hot' when the range is clear."

Vilnius_Nastavnik was similarly wary. "This reads like cutesy rom-com stuff and it's a good story but if that shot had been 8" up and to the right OP might not be around to post this," they said. "The first outing with a new shooter should be mostly if not entirely safety training."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Even if the next date doesn't lead to a full-blown relationship, it's not an experience that he is ever likely to forget. In fact, scientists say that our brains often retain more information about really bad dates than some good ones.

Tony Cunningham, a postdoctoral research fellow studying psychology and cognitive neuroscience, told Greatist the brain has a "knack for picking out the most important elements of our lives" which it then prioritizes "to be remembered in the future."

"We are fairly certain this happens because the amygdala, which is one of the emotional centers of our brain, is tucked up right next to the hippocampus [which is] is crucial for remembering what we call 'episodic' or autobiographical memories of the events in our day-to-day lives, and when something emotional happens to us the amygdala gives a little extra 'juice' to the hippocampus and basically tells it, 'hey, this may be important to remember later!'"

In the context of dating, Cunningham said that when seeking a mate, "suitors on the extremes are going to be prioritized in our memories."

Of course, this isn't the first dating disaster to go viral.

One man sparked controversy after he broke things off with the woman he was seeing when she laughed at his bizarre and wildly incorrect claims about female periods.

In another instance, a would-be dater was slammed for telling the woman he met up with that she was too fat to be his girlfriend.

A man, a woman and a gun.
Stock image of a man helping a woman fire a gun. One couple's hunting date ended in disaster after the woman ended up accidentally shooting the man. Comstock/Getty