Man Shows How He Plays With Deaf and Blind Dog in Incredible Video

A video showing how a man plays with his deaf and blind dog has gone viral online.

In the clip posted to TikTok by Aiden Mann, the man can be seen playing with his white Australian Shepherd dog at home, while another brown dog watches on.

In the adorable footage the overlaid text asks: "How do you play with a deaf and blind dog?"

The clip, which can be watched here, then shows the owner in a living room at his home, rubbing the dog's head as the animal jumps about.

He then grabs the dog, whose name is Plum, by her fur, moving the pet about, before picking up her as the animal wriggles about in joy.

He then puts the animal back on the floor and chases after her on his hands and knees as the white dog leaps around, wagging her tail.

In a previous clip, Mann explains that he adopted Plum after she was posted on Craigslist with an advert that read: "Someone come and get this deaf and blind dog before I euthanize her."

When the animal was brought into the veterinary clinic where Mann works as an assistant, he decided to adopt her.

Mann captioned the post of him playing with the pet, writing: "just like that #plum #deaf #blind."

The clip, which has posted to TikTok on February 28, has gained lots of traction online, having been viewed a whopping 425,700 times and surpassing more than 84,100 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the heartwarming footage.

Charlotte Karlsen wrote: "How does she know where the couch is. You're all so cute tho."

Nick added: "Why did this make me emotional damn lol."

MelissaT8014 typed: "This brought the biggest smile to my face!"

Sophie Hines stated: "I had a deaf dog who went to lose his sight we treat him mostly like normal he found a way to live he was loved."

Elena B gushed: "Gosh this is so cute! We play similarly with our deaf dog. Plum reminds me so much of my Snowball."

Evelyn Sheehan commented: "I'm cryingggg WTF haha that was so beautiful Nd majestic you are a great dog dad."

Brittany questioned: "Does she ever realize you're done playing? Or does she like forever stand there like 'okay, any second he's gunna get me'."

Camden Rebecca Anzaldua asked: "We are fostering a senior boxer who is mostly deaf. We have never had a deaf dog before, any tips? We struggle to keep his attention. We're trying to teach some sign tricks. But any advice I'm grateful for!!"

There are many tips for raising a deaf and blind dog online, including keeping your home neat, sticking to a routine and staying consistent, being patient and ensuring that there are no safety risks about.

It is also important to keep your dog on a leash when out and about so they do not wander off, and also not to cut a pet's canine whiskers. explains: "The whiskers, also called vibrissae, can act as sensitive antennae with which to detect objects, air movement, and even vibrations such as those made when a door is open or someone is walking past.

"Don't allow your groomer to trim these hairs or, if it happens, give your dog some extra space and consideration until they grow back."

Dog in front of blue background
A stock image of a dog in front of a blue background. A TikTok video shows how a dog owner plays with his deaf and blind pet. Getty Images