Man Slammed for Allowing Girlfriend to Steal Restaurant Server's Tip

Online commenters criticized a man who shared in a now-viral post that his girlfriend stole part of their server's tip during a recent lunch outing.

Posting in Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum under a throwaway account, the man said he gave the server a $65 cash tip; however, his girlfriend, who stated the gratuity was "excessive," took $55 off the table as she left the restaurant, and was never forced to return it.

The post has received over 9,200 upvotes and thousands of comments from angry Redditors who told the man to not only stop by the restaurant and return the server's hard-earned tip but also dump his "a**hole" girlfriend.

At the beginning of the post, the man explained that the recent theft may not have been an isolated incident.

Waitress holding small tip
Online commenters criticized a man who shared in a now-viral post that his girlfriend stole part of their server's tip during a recent lunch outing. Despite being confronted with the evidence, the man didn't return the tip. Drazen Zigic/istock

"My daughter told me previously that she could have sworn that she had seen my girlfriend take cash away from the table after I had tipped and everybody else was heading out and not paying attention," he wrote.

"I felt like I needed to give my girlfriend of a year, who I am madly in love with, the benefit of the doubt since I've never noticed her doing that," he continued.

So, he took his girlfriend and daughter out to lunch at a restaurant "where [the] servers are known for quick and attentive service," and left a generous cash tip on their $300 bill.

As they got up to leave, however, his girlfriend stated she needed to use the bathroom, so the man grabbed the car from the valet while his daughter "lingered" behind. When the man returned to the front of the restaurant, he found the two women engaged in a heated argument.

"[My daughter] told me she caught her [my girlfriend] swiping $55 off the table and walking away. And that [the] other diners saw it too," he recalled.

The girlfriend argued that the tip was "excessive" and handed the cash back to him. Of course, his daughter demanded that he return the money but, not wanting to "embarrass" his girlfriend, he refused. He later told his daughter that if she felt so strongly then she could've tipped the waitress herself, but "what's done is done."

Speaking to CNBC Lizzie Post, the great-great-granddaughter of etiquette expert Emily Post and host of Emily Post's Awesome Etiquette podcast, said customers should leave a 15 percent tip, at minimum, for "basic service."

"The baseline is 15 percent for basic service, but if you have any extra cash or you feel inspired, go for it and tip more," Post said, adding that customers should never "skimp" on this, even if they receive bad service. Instead, they should pay the 15 percent gratuity and then speak to a manager.

"Never let your tip speak for you," Post advised.

The Redditor's initial tip of $65 amounted to roughly 21 percent. However, the $10 tip he ultimately left as a result of his girlfriend's theft was under 5 percent.

Redditors called the man an "a**hole" for defending his girlfriend's bad behavior and told him to apologize to the waitress and his daughter.

"YTA. GF is an AH and should be dumped. Apologize to your daughter. Go back to the restaurant, give the money to the server and apologize to her too," wrote u/PaganBlue672.

"Your logic for not tipping this waitress is beyond ridiculous and your GF DESERVES to be embarrassed," said u/kimariesingsMD.

Redditor u/dizzytishadded: "YTA—Why are you with a sneaky thief like this? Your daughter is right. You need to go to the restaurant, give this woman your tip and apologize. Then you need to really think about having this kind of woman in your life. Because she's a lying thief."

Newsweek reached out to the man for comment.

In January, a server went viral for confronting a customer via text because he left his number but didn't leave a tip. That same month, a customer received online support for stating her opinion that the "tipping culture has gotten out of control."

Earlier this month, a server went viral after recounting the time she shamed a man into giving her a better tip.