Man Slammed As 'Cruel' for Telling Girlfriend Their Newborn Baby Is Ugly

A man has been slammed online after telling his girlfriend he thought their newborn baby was "ugly."

The 23-year-old took to Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum, where he was branded the villain of the situation.

Posting under username PunjabiPrettyBoi_13, he explained their baby was half Han-Chinese and half Punjabi "so it was always a possibility that a potential child would be kinda goofy looking."

The new dad didn't hold back his thoughts after seeing his daughter for the first time, as he said: "The baby was ugly, to be perfectly candid. She's mine, and I love her, but she was NOT a pretty baby.

"My girlfriend and I were casually chatting before bed and I brought this up, telling her our daughter wasn't exactly easy on the eyes.

"She was upset, which I find odd. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, I was just telling her how I felt about our kid."

Referencing his 22-year-old girlfriend, he added: "I don't think she had to be offended. Not every child can be cute. My girlfriend hasn't spoken to me since, however, and I don't know what to do."

The post has amassed more than 10,000 upvotes and comments. PunjabiPrettyBoi_13 has added an edit explaining exactly how he broke the news to his girlfriend.

"I didn't straight up say our child was ugly, it more like 'hoping she grows into her face, she isn't exactly winning any beauty pageants right now' and the chuckling after. It was said jokingly, I didn't think it was gonna offend her," he wrote.

Nevertheless, Redditors were unimpressed that he aired his true opinion of their daughter to the new mom.

IshkabibblesMom wrote: "Yeah, but you don't say it OUT LOUD to the woman who just birthed YOUR baby! Thanks for the Starry award!

Scatticus_finch reckoned: "Everyone knows that if you can't say "they're so cute", you say "they're so tiny" or something to that effect."

Theflinkkid wrote: "It's HIS newborn too! At least 1/2 of HIS stated ugly came from him. Dude, YTA. Additionally, you are cruel, immature and not even moderately intelligent."

BigAsparagus9383 asked: "You randomly brought this up? Jesus, it's not bad to think it but to tell her for no reason YTA."

Anno_nomali raged: "YTA. What a completely unnecessary thing to say. And what a completely unnecessary judgment to pass on a newborn baby girl."

MadameDestruction wrote: "I feel so bad for her. She spend 9 months putting in a lot of effort to create a child for them and he says this 'as a joke'. My heart would shatter."

GuadDidUs agreed, saying: "For real. If baby is ugly, you comment on how adorable their little toes and fingers are. Unless someone asks you directly. Then you lie, lie, lie!"

DGinLDO said: "It doesn't matter what the baby looks like. You don't tell a new mother her baby is ugly. We all know, or should, that in a few days/weeks, the baby will be cute as a button."

A 2018 study from Brock University, published in Evolution and Human Behavior entitled "Are Newborns' Faces Less Appealing?" found that people find older babies cuter than newborns.

Researchers from the university showed participants snaps of babies shortly after birth, at 3-months-old and 6-months-old.

Graduate student Prarthana Franklin said of the findings: "We noticed adults rated the newborns as the least attractive and the 6-month-olds had the highest ratings across all of the facial cues."

"That was interesting because usually we think that the younger children are, the cuter they are and so more people prefer younger children."

Franklin added the findings showed "a lower limit of 3-months-old that's the preferred age compared to newborns."

Newsweek reached out to PunjabiPrettyBoi_13 for comment.

File photo of a newborn baby.
File photo of a baby. A dad has been slammed online after calling his new baby "ugly." Sasiistock/Getty Images