Man Slammed for Gifting Nephew Xbox His Fiancée Bought for Her Sick Brother

A woman is being urged to file police charges against her fiancée after he took an Xbox console intended as a Christmas gift for her unwell brother and gave it to his nephew without asking her.

In a post shared to Reddit's controversial "Am I the A**hole" forum, a 30-year-old woman posting as MuffinsMuffins3 explained how her 16-year-old brother was born with a heart condition that has "prevented him from living his childhood to the fullest."

She wrote: "He can't do most things due to his condition and the side effects his medication has on him."

Due to his medical expenses, the woman said her parents have struggled to afford "nice things" for her brother. Worse still, his doctors recently recommended that her brother limit his visits to see her and the rest of the family.

Eager to do something to lift his mood this Christmas, his sister decided to use her salary to get her unwell brother an Xbox console of his own.

With demand for brand new Xbox consoles outstripping the current supply, her gift represented something of a coup and was ideal for her brother who had never owned a console of his own before.

However, when it came to wrap his gift the woman was shocked to discover the Xbox that had previously been sitting in her closet was missing. That was when she found out the truth.

"I discovered that my fiancée took it and sent it to his nephew who lives states away," she wrote.

When she confronted her fiancée asking why he took the Xbox despite knowing it was supposed to be a gift for her brother he told her "his sister is a single mom and couldn't [afford to] buy any gifts for her son."

He explained that he "felt sorry" for his nephew and wanted to "cheer him up" but didn't have the money to pay for a gift so sent him the Xbox instead and reckoned they could come up with an alternative present for her brother.

The fiancée's explanation fell flat with the woman who told him he had "no right" to touch the Xbox. He told her he was "very hurt" at essentially being called "a thief" and claimed her brother does not need the console as "he can't find time to play due to his condition" and had no one to play it with either.

She refused to back down though, demanding he either give her the Xbox or pay her. Even then the fiancée has remained defiant, calling her "callous" for wanting to take the gift from her nephew.

With the situation at something of an impasse, the woman turned to Reddit for advice on whether she was right to pursue some form of compensation.

The internet, as it turned out, thought she wasn't going far enough.

One user, posting as Dobermon1975, called on her to "file a police report."

"Call the sister and tell her that the Xbox is not a gift for her son and if she doesn't return, you'll file against her for receiving stolen property," they added. "Then break up with your boyfriend as he has no respect for you."

While slightly less vociferous, others like Juliax1984 were in agreement about what needed to be done. "Stealing is stealing no matter what the motive," they wrote. "A good deed would have been buying his nephew an xbox, not stealing one."

Grumpapuss15, meanwhile, rejected the boyfriend's claims that her brother would not make the most of the Xbox as he had no one to play with. "A console is a fantastic gift for someone in the situation your brother is in," they wrote. "He can find all kinds of playmates around the world. You got a perfect gift... too bad your fiancée is a s*** bag."

Street-Mall-3318 was one of several users who also urged the woman to break-up with her fiancée, describing his actions as a "dealbeaker."

"It is theft and frankly the fiancée should be kicked to the curb for that behavior."

Peace-dismal added: "He is clearly showing how insensitive he is towards your little brother and his condition that is not gonna change just cause you guys get married."

Newsweek has contacted MuffinsMuffins3 for comment.

The story stands in stark contrast to another recent viral post in which a woman detailed how she ended up gifting her husband's PS5 to her nephew.

Another couple earned plaudits on the internet after purchasing a series of gifts for their niece and nephew designed to deliberately annoy their parents.

A woman looking unhappy with her partner.
Stock image of a couple upset at Christmas - a woman has reacted with fury after finding out her fiance gave away a gift earmarked for her unwell brother. GaudiLab/Getty