Husband Dragged After Confronting Wife for Not Cleaning His Underwear

A husband has been slammed by internet users after confronting his wife for failing to clean his underwear.

The man, thought to be from the U.K., became "icy" with his wife after realizing she hadn't washed any of his underwear before work and texted her telling her she was being "unhelpful" before the pair erupted into a "horrible row."

After their argument, the man went "silent" on the woman and didn't come home from work for dinner, something his wife said he had never done in the past.

Asking for advice on Mumsnet on Friday, the mom explained her husband worked 37 hours a week from home, while she works 25 hours—but also does both school runs and the majority of the household chores.

Underwear washing machine
A stock image of underwear after coming out of the wash. A husband has been slammed by internet users after confronting his wife for failing to clean his underwear. iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Users were quick to take sides, saying the woman's husband had "handled it terribly" and insisting he is "totally responsible for his own stuff."

The post, which has now been deleted, read: "Yesterday morning my husband was annoyed that he hadn't got any clean underwear. I had no idea he was getting low and despite putting loads of washing on somehow they didn't get done.

"We both do housework but I tend to be the washing machine person so I felt the anger was towards me, and he said 'You might have to go and buy me some because I need to go to work.'

After refusing because she had to work and take their children to school, the mom said her husband went to work and became "icy" with her in text messages before he finally accused her of being "unhelpful."

She went on: "I told him I'm not his little laundry lady and that if he notices he's running out he should either mention it or put a wash on. The conversation went on and on for hours by text. 'I'll do all the washing from now on' he was going.

"He was icy and grim. He then said I wasn't supportive over a possible move overseas. I said I was just realistic that it wasn't possible. He then went silent on me for hours. I was just sitting at home, my stomach in knots, really distressed.

"He didn't come home from work at the normal time. I texted and said why are you ignoring me and why are you not coming home? He said he was eating at work and then coming home.

"He has NEVER done that before. He didn't come home until after I'd gone to bed. I kept waking up in the night upset. I haven't spoken to him this morning."

The post, which was written under the name Coffeefreak272, initially racked up 195 replies from users, with many accusing the husband of being "entitled."

One wrote: "He's a grown man and can be in charge of his own pants. It sounds like one of those arguments that starts with something petty and then turns into a release of all the things that have been building up, like the overseas move, which is probably the real source of the tension."

"He's handled it terribly. I'd sit down today and talk to him and he should apologize. If he won't, then you've got bigger problems," wrote another.

A third said: "Jesus, what an entitled baby. He thinks you're his staff, doesn't he?"

Another Mumsnet user wrote:"At the end of the day he is totally responsible for his own stuff. He needs to make sure he has clean clothes for the next day and if not then put them in the machine. I never ever berated my ex-husband for not making sure I had clean underwear for the next day...can you imagine? Have any of you?"

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