Man Slammed for Refusing to Drive Drunk Friend Home After She Rejected Him

A man is being dragged online after he refused to give a drunk friend a ride home after she previously turned him down for a date, garnering a lot of disapproval for the move.

The Reddit post, titled, "AITA for refusing to give my 'friend' a ride home after she told our friend group I 'f**k-zoned' her?" has been upvoted 6,500 times since it was shared on June 16. Redditor @sportssz101 shared the post to the subreddit "Am I the A**hole."

According to Pew Research Center, most people who are currently dating (63 percent) think dating is more difficult than before the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, 32 percent think it's "about the same," while 3 percent think it's actually easier.

The large friend group lives in a large city, and like to go to concerts and sporting events, and have nights out every weekend. The original poster (OP), who is 26 years old, and his friends from high school are the "core" part of the group, while other people have brought in co-workers or significant others into the mix.

Man in car
A man was slammed for refusing to drive his friend home after she rejected him. TOM MERTON/GETTY

The Post

"Our HS [high school] friend Jamie ended up introducing us five years ago to Caitlin (26F) who was her friend at work," the OP said. "The past five years Caitlin has been part of our group, also playing on our kickball team. Before people ask. No, I never considered her a friend. We were part of the same friend group. I'm good friends with Jamie."

The man and Caitlin weren't "close," but he admitted they'd "talk at bars or during kickball," and added it wasn't anything beyond the "surface level."

He revealed that he thought Caitlin was "good looking," and that she also seemed "fun." One evening, he texted her and asked her out. However, she explained that she didn't want to "mess" with the friendship that they had or the dynamics of the group, "so it wasn't a good idea."

"I told her I understood and thought that would be the end of it," the OP explained. "The next time we hung out she was super weird. Like was all up next to me all night. Constantly trying to start [a] conversation. It made me feel awkward, so I sort [of] stopped hanging with the group for a few weeks to get some space. During this time, she texted me and Snapped me a bunch asking where I was."

The OP didn't go to kickball for a few weeks because he didn't want to see Caitlin, and that he was "embarrassed." Some of his guy friends even chose to hang out with him at his place for a couple of weekends instead of going out with the large group.

During that time, Caitlin told the group that he asked her out, and the reason he wasn't coming around was because he "f**k-zoned her." The man's friends in the group, who are women, asked if it was true, in which he admitted that he asked her out.

The situation caused a lot of "drama," and some of his female friends gave him crap about it. The OP told them he just wanted space and that his male friends, not him, were the ones who chose to come and hang out with him instead of the group for a couple of weeks.

The OP revealed he was over the situation in a few weeks, and last weekend chose to go to a baseball game. They all met up, including Jamie and Caitlin, and they drank and saw the game. They all went hopping around to bars afterward while the OP was sober and was the designated driver.

The OP continued: "At the end of the night I was taking my guys home when Caitlin/Jamie hopped in the car and said they would like a ride home. I told them to get out of my car, and I wasn't giving them a ride home. They started arguing and asking why, and I said because Caitlin tried to make me look bad in front of the group for no reason. So they could call an Uber."

The women got out of the car, but first, called the man an a**hole." The OP has insisted his guy friends are on his side, while the girls of the group think what he did was "petty."

"But I wasn't about to go 20 minutes out of my way home to drop off two girls who had been s**t-talking me for weeks," he said. "The friend group is split. AITA?"

Redditors React

Over 2,200 comments poured in over the situation, with most people thinking the OP is the one at fault. One Redditor thinks the OP "expressed interest" in a woman, and although she was "shocked at first, she tried to get to know you better the next time she saw you. And you've acted like a spoiled baby since. YTA [you're the a**hole] and that's even before being a s**t DD [designated driver] and s**t friend."

Meanwhile, another Redditor said: "It's fine that your only interest in her was sexual. But not manning up to that when she thinks you want to get to know her better is on you. Could be time to grow up a bit."

The OP replied: "We've [known] each other five years. She would have an idea if she was interested in a date after five years imo [in my opinion]. I really didn't feel like talking to her. And didn't really see the purpose. My interest was sexual. I have a lot of [really] good close friends. Not saying I don't need more. But just that wasn't really our dynamic."

Another user, who would agree the OP is in the wrong, insisted he "did f**k-zone her. You don't speak highly of her, and now you're punishing her because you didn't get what you want. Sorry buddy, this one's on you."

Another Redditor thinks if the OP didn't know the woman well, and he wasn't friends with her by saying: "You did "f**k-zone" her. You only asked her out because you think she's hot. She tried to get to know you better, and you got weird about it. No interest in friendship, but interest in sex."

Others brought up the fact that the OP was supposed to be the designated driver of the group. "YTA," a user said. "You don't agree to be DD and not disclose that you refuse to drive some of the group home after they have had drinks. I'm super confused by your narrative. What do you think you did if it wasn't f**k-zoning her? If she's been part of the friend group for five years but you still don't count her as a friend...."

Despite the majority believing the Redditor was wrong, some people were on the OP's side of things. "NTA, I can't imagine what lies [they would have] made up about you if you'd been alone with them in the car," a Redditor said. "Caitlin already blew the ask-out way out of proportion, and acted inappropriately and contrary to her words. Stay safe. Looks like you dodged a bullet."

Another user thinks there isn't anything wrong with "setting boundaries," adding the woman is "weird for not respecting that boundary. They're cooking you in the comments, [right now], but you're definitely NTA."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @sportssz101 for comment.

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