Man Slammed for Telling Pregnant Wife He Won't Help With Chores—a 'Mother's Job'

A pregnant woman has taken to Reddit to share how her husband said "nothing will change" while she is carrying his child—and the internet is outraged on her behalf.

Posting to the discussion-based site on January 30, under the account name Throwaway2204729, she started by revealing that she's been married to her husband "Jake" for three years.

Recently, she discovered she was pregnant. However, an incident a couple of nights ago has caused a rift during what should have been a happy time.

The mom-to-be explained that the couple were getting ready for bed when he reminded her "to go through the house and make sure all the lights are off."

She added that this had become a nightly routine as Jake is "a little lazy at times."

This time she asked is he could do it as she wasn't feeling very well and he was standing by the door.

It is not unusual for woman to feel unwell during their first trimester of pregnancy which is caused by changes to your body, such as high levels of hormones in blood.

Additionally morning sickness, which is usually nausea and vomiting, is very common in early pregnancy but usually clears up by weeks 16-20.

However, this caused him to go on a "very long and unprovoked rant saying things like 'Just because you are pregnant does not mean anything will change' and 'You are still expected to cook, clean, and do all the chores every day because how can you be expected to be a mother if you can't handle a little work.'"

"He wasn't yelling or anything, he was talking to me quietly like a was two inches tall."

The rant went on for half an hour before the woman interjected by asking if he planned to help during the pregnancy and he "got extremely defensive saying he works his ass of at his job to provide for me and what is going to be our future children."

The woman, who is currently a full-time college student, revealed her husband "ended by saying that it doesn't matter how I feel physically or mentally, it is a mother's job to push through, and if he helped and babied me I wouldn't be a good mother."

Her husband then left the home to stay at his mother's after she got very upset yelled: "I wish I would've known this is how you felt before I got pregnant with your baby."

She finished the post by asking if she was being unreasonable for "yelling at my husband after he said he isn't helping me with anything during the pregnancy because "it's a mother's job to deal with it?"

The story has gained lots of traction on Reddit, having received more than 30,000 upvotes and attracted 2,400 comments, with many people outraged at the husband's actions.

One Reddit user, AdministrativeFee153, wrote: "Girl, get an abortion and a divorce ASAP. This man just told you who he really is, and things are about to get a whole lot worse. RUN."

Another person, TheRedJester45, typed: "Oh so he won't "baby" you but he'll run back home crying to mommy because you called him out on his bullshit? Wow. Just wow. I think you can salvage this if you stand your ground. If not, I'm so sorry."

Watchingonsidelines added: "I'm quite terrified at her trying to reconcile; based on: 1) She felt Ill, he made her do the chore and chose that moment to berate her. 2) Has unreasonable expectations of parenthood. 3) His family only support his point of view. 4) He ran and went to his mother for a marital issue."

Informal_Finding9165 admitted: "You're in an abusive relationship. He's wrong, things will change—for the worse. Men are often more abusive during a women's pregnancy because they can't control the pregnancy need to run."

Mrose1491 shared: "Yeah this entire ordeal is a major warning sign, and I wouldn't want to bring a child into this situation at all. It's an unhealthy environment dictated by this controlling, manipulative jackass. He's only gonna get worse through this pregnancy and their marriage."

ConfidentCaptain7534 commented: "OP [original poster] please he's already convinced you not to work or that your salary won't make a difference if you do—this is one of the first signs of abuse (possibly wanting you to be financially dependent on him) and now what he has said is another sign."

Pregnant woman
A stock image of a pregnant woman. One wife on Reddit has shared that her husband expects she to continue with all chores as normal while carrying his child. iStock

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