Man Slammed For Telling Wife To Clean After His Mom Called House 'Filthy'

A man has earned the collective ire of the internet after he told his wife to clean their home after his mother called it "filthy."

The man shared his post in the 3.6-million-strong "r/AmITheA**hole" group under the username u/HammerTime19pI, where he revealed this conundrum—unaware of the criticism he would unleash upon himself.

In the post, which can be seen here, the man said his mother visited his home early in the morning while he was at work and later ranted about how "filthy and cluttered" it was. The user claimed his wife almost kicked the mother out over her attitude.

When the poster arrived home, his wife shared her fury about the "verbal abuse" she had been subjected to.

Seemingly having no awareness about the behavior his wife had endured, he told her it was no big deal as, referring to his mother, he said, "she's like this with my brother's wife too."

The man added: "let's be honest here, She should've tidied up the house if she didn't want any negative comments from mom or any other guest for that matter."

The wife said she had no time to clean up and added the mother should have called ahead to let her know about her imminent arrival.

But the man continued: "She said if I was okay with the kids hearing my mom's despicable words then she's not. She then argued about how I shouldn't blame her for not tidying up the house when there's so much on her plate already.

"I said I get it but she was really making a big [deal] out of it. Now I could talk to mom about visiting times but I think that my wife is to blame too here.

"My wife was mortified and is saying she'll go through to no longer allow my mom into the house if this keeps happening and the fight just got worse."

Since being uploaded in the group, the post has been voted on more than 10,500 times and attracted 1,200 comments.

The internet was not impressed by the man's post and was swift and uniform in its response to brand him an "a**hole."

One commenter said: "I can spend the day cleaning my house and my kids come behind me f***ing up everything. I just did, unintentionally. It's the cost of having kids. Husbands need to support his wife."

Another said: "Treating cleanliness around the house as [if] it were the wife's responsibility and not a shared chore. Double unsupportive. OP [original poster] 100 percent TA [the a**hole]."

A third Reddit user commented: "I personally think if one person stays at home and the other one works then it's the job of the SAH [stay at home] person to keep the house clean and tidy.

"Saying that you throw children into the mix and it changes. They're hard f***ing work, man. So housework becomes the job of both people in the relationship. YTA [You're the a**hole]."

According to a 2020 YouGov survey, 54 percent of British women said only they cleaned the bathroom compared to just 8 percent of men.

Another 30 percent of women said they vacuumed the home compared to just 9 percent of the men who were sampled.

Men were more likely to take the trash out, with 46 percent doing so compared to just 13 percent of women.

Stock image of messy kitchen
A stock image of a messy kitchen. A man was blasted on Reddit for telling his wife to clean their home after his mother called it "filthy." Getty