Watch: Man With Sledgehammer Breaks Windows of Hit-and-Run SUV As Driver Tries to Flee

A man shattered the windows on an SUV with a sledgehammer as the driver was trying to leave the scene of a crash. Screenshot

A crash site became even more chaotic in Miami when a man took a sledgehammer to a car whose driver was trying to flee the scene.

The alleged hit-and-run driver has since been arrested and charged with leaving the scene and reckless driving, and is suspected of having been under the influence of drugs, WFLA reported.

But before he even got away, the suspect had a lengthy confrontation with people who had been at the scene of the crash.

Video shows a silver Infiniti SUV pulling away from the site with both the grill and front driver's side fender stripped away and hanging down onto the road. The car's wipers are going and an alarm is honking. Two men approach the vehicle's front doors and attempt to stop it, with the man on the driver's side yanking on the door handle repeatedly, then smacking the window. The SUV continues to move away and a bigger crowd forms around it. Eventually someone takes a sledgehammer and breaks its windows, starting on the rear driver's side and working his way counterclockwise around the Infiniti, sending shards of glass onto the asphalt. The Infiniti finds a way to squeeze through traffic and scoots off down the road.

Other cars could be seen racing down the road after the fleeing SUV, including one that had positioned itself across the lanes of traffic in an attempt to block the escape.

During the event, the Infiniti may have collided with three other vehicles.

The man who smashed the windows with a sledgehammer had just emerged from a white van locked in the gridlock around the crash.

After his arrest, the hit-and-run suspect, 25-year-old Maxwell Lagutenko, was taken to the Miami-Dade county jail, according to The Bradenton Herald. He had prior drug-related convictions recorded in the area.

The person who wielded the sledgehammer was not ticketed or arrested for his involvement, the Herald reported.