Man's Solution To Share WiFi With Guests Impresses Internet: 'Neat'

A man's genius solution to guests asking for the WiFi password has gained viral attention after he shared a picture on Reddit on Tuesday.

Posted on the popular subreddit r/malelivingspace, user notimeleft4you shared the decor idea that has now received more than 13,000 upvotes.

The caption read: "Here is a fun element I just added to my bachelor pad. A light-up QR code by the entrance that allows visitors to immediately connect to the WiFi with no password fuss."

The picture shows a light-up glass frame featuring the word "WiFi" alongside a QR code.

Impressed with the ingenuity, Redditors have praised the idea. "Wow this is cool," wrote one user. Another commenter said: "Pretty neat idea."

First created in 1994 by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave to quickly track vehicles and parts within the company, QR codes are short for Quick Response codes. Internationally standardized in 2000, they are now most commonly used for logging into websites and WiFi networks, sharing information, making mobile payments, or storing data for tickets on your phone.

Although Denso Wave still holds patents over the technology, the codes are free for anyone to use. Easy to scan, a smartphone camera can recognize a QR code and quickly display the information or perform the programmed action such as opening a website—essentially creating a real-world hyperlink.

​​The QR code has seen a resurgence thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once mostly used for marketing and landing users onto websites with speed, in spring 2020 the QR code took on a new life.

The black and white squares were quickly bought into public spaces including restaurants, offices, bars, doctor's offices, and many more places. The codes quickly became heralded as the perfect way to send people quickly to pages containing current news, a paperless menu, app download, or a way to check in to a venue.

Back at the forefront of public consciousness, QR codes have made their way into our homes and even onto our bodies in the case of one man from Italy who had his vaccine passport QR code tattooed on his arm in 2021.

Other Redditors were keen to try it out themselves, with one user stating that they already have a QR code for guests to connect to the WiFi in their home: "We did this in our living room! Not such a cool one, but a framed QR code."

Meanwhile, some users suggested it may be the perfect opportunity for a prank. "This would be an amazing way to Rick Roll," joked one commenter—referencing the internet's well-known Rickrolling prank. Popular since 2008, it's all about tricking unsuspecting internet users into clicking a link only to be taken to the 1980s Rick Astley hit "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Newsweek reached out to notimeleft4you for comment.

QR code and WiFi sign
A file photo of a QR code being scanned on a phone, left, and a picture of a framed WiFi password sign in a home, right. One man's brilliant solution to guests getting onto the WiFi network has gained viral attention online. Diy13/amoklv/Getty Images