Man Stabbed as Violence Erupts After 'Million MAGA March' in Washington D.C.

One person has been stabbed as supporters of President Donald Trump clash with counterprotesters after the Saturday "Million MAGA March" in Washington D.C.

The victim was a man in his 20s, according to The Washington Post. He had been stabbed in the back, and was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. The stabbing happened as a fight broke out between two large groups of people at 10th Street and New York Avenue NW at 8:30 p.m. local time, according to WRC-TV.

Though details about the incident are sparse, Fire Department officials told WRC-TV that the fight was related to the protests. No information about a suspect is available yet. Newsweek reached out to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department for information.

The stabbing was far from the only violence at the event. WRC-TV's Shomari Stone shared a video on Twitter appearing to show Trump supporters eating outside at a restaurant two blocks from the White House, when a crowd approaches and someone throws a firework above the diners.

BREAKING 3 Trump supporters are eating outside at a restaurant, 2 blocks from the White House. 16th & K St. A large group confronts them. Someone throws what appears to be fireworks. Moments later, police push back a crowd that wants to confront Trump supporters: @nbcwashington

— Shomari Stone (@shomaristone) November 14, 2020

Another incident involved a man shouting "Get out of here!" through a bullhorn. He was shoved by another man, who was then himself surrounded and punched until he fell down bloody, according to WRC-TV.

Though during the day, the "Million MAGA March" was relatively peaceful, tensions rose as night fell on the city. Clarence Williams of The Washington Post shared video that appeared to show demonstrators lighting small fires on Freedom Plaza.

Demonstrators lit multiple small fires on Freedom Plaza which DC police cleared so firefighters could extinguish the blazes.

— Clarence Williams (@nu1wcf) November 15, 2020

The "Million MAGA March," as it was called, was part of a number of pro-Trump demonstrations that took place, beginning Saturday morning at the Freedom Plaza. The events included a "Stop the Steal" protest, referring to Trump's repeated claims—made without evidence—that he was the rightful winner of the November 3 election, but fraud had interfered, making former Vice President Joe Biden the president-elect.

Groups including the Proud Boys—a far-right group the Southern Poverty Law Center deems a hate group—and militias the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters had a large presence at the rally. Speakers included Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor-Greene, a public supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory, and far-right figures Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec.

Though Trump suggested on Friday he may make an appearance at the demonstration, he drove by his supporters Saturday morning, waving to them through his closed window. He did not stop or speak at the event.

While the daytime protest was mostly peaceful, Washington D.C. police arrested 10 people by Saturday afternoon. Four of those were arrested for firearms violations, and three were arrested for assault, including one who allegedly assaulted a police officer. Two others were arrested for disorderly conduct, and one other was arrested for "no permit," according to WRC-TV.

million maga march stabbing violence
Violence erupted after the "Million MAGA March" on Saturday as supporters of the president clashed with counterprotesters. Samuel Corum/Getty