Man Staring at Phone Sits at Wrong Table With Stranger in Hilarious Viral Video

You just have to look up on train or in a café to know that many people are glued to their smartphones.

But while these devices can be a fantastic way to communicate and access content, using them in public also means that people are less aware of their surroundings—as one young man on TikTok learned only too well.

A video has gone viral, with more than 16.6 million views, showcasing the awkward moment that a man sat down at the wrong table at a diner because he was absorbed in his phone.

The footage, ironically filmed on a smartphone, was shared to app by a man named Tyler Titsworth.

It begins by showing Titsworth's friend, looking down at his device, while sitting opposite a middle-aged gentleman at booth.

Text overlaying the clip, which can be viewed here, reads: "When you come back from the bathroom and never look up."

Titsworth can then be heard saying: "Hey bro!" This prompts the friend to look up, with a look of surprise on his face as he realizes that the TikToker is actually sitting behind the man in a separate booth.

Giggling in embarrassment he then moves tables, before turning to the apparently older man and saying "I'm so sorry bro. I could have sworn I already passed him."

The hilarious footage, which can be watched here, is captioned: "Wrong seat bro [laughing-face emoji] #strangerdanger #myfinALLYmoment."

The clip has gained lots of traction on social media since it was posted on November 12, having been liked by 3.1 million people.

The video has also attracted a staggering 15,400 comments with many people sharing their amusement at the situation.

One social media user, Matthew_2.2_, wrote: "You see he's a true friend when first he starts recording you."

Another person, Kaitandjoshohmygosh, added: "I've done that with a car once. Most humiliating thing ever."

However, Ladybugg07 failed to see the funny side, stating: "Jesus Christ. Look up from your damn phone. This isn't even funny. It's ridiculous."

Jorrdanbaker posted many crying-face emojis alongside the words: "The fact that he just let you sit there."

Thatselamhaile revealed: "I would just film my friend until he finds out on his own, alongside a sting of laughing-face emojis.

Georgia explained: "He probably thought he wanted to give him some company."

Laura gushed: "It was the embarrassment in his face."

DJ explained: "The apology!! Nice kid. A little distracted but a nice kid!!"

Curi0usgeorge related to the man's actions, writing: "I've done this before."

Here From There commented: ""Oh that's fine" [laughing-face emoji] [laughing-face emoji] the fact the man didn't say anything and just waited for you to notice."

Man in cafe
A stock image of a man looking at him phone. On TikTok one young man was so glued to his device that he accidently sat in the wrong diner booth much to the amusement of his friend. iStock