Man Stops Baby in Out-of-Control Stroller Rolling Down Highway in Viral Video

A viral TikTok video has captured the moment a driver jumped out his car to rescue a child stuck inside a runaway stroller as it rolled into the middle of a busy highway.

Lu Jingwei, 30, is seen driving away from the curb on March 29 when the fast-moving stroller suddenly rolls into view. Lu brakes and opens the driver's side door before sprinting to intercept it.

The heart-stopping incident was captured by surveillance cameras in the city of Kaili, in Qiandongnan prefecture in southwest China's Guizhou province.

In the footage, Lu runs after the stroller and stops both the chair and the baby before they hit the median strip or collide with any vehicles, with an SUV driving past the motorist as he picks the stroller up and begins walking back toward the curb.

In another angle of the incident, the baby's grandfather appears in frame after the stroller has crossed several lanes and been caught by Lu, who returns the chair and child to the elderly man.

The toddler's grandfather thanked him for saving the child and they parted ways, Lu told local media.

His heroics have been watched several million times on Weibo—China's equivalent to Twitter—and is also among the trending videos on Douyin, the version of TikTok released for Chinese-speaking markets.

"I was picking up my wife from a Bank of Guizhou branch where she works, and was preparing to drive off when I saw the stroller rolling downhill from the entrance of a nearby elementary school," Lu told the country's state-owned China News Service.

Man Saves Baby In Stroller Rolling Downhill
Lu Jingwei, 30, from the city of Kaili in southwest China's Guizhou province, is credited with saving a child's life after the baby's stroller rolled into a busy highway on March 29, 2021. WeChat

He added: "I forgot what I was thinking at the time, but I rushed out to stop it. There weren't many cars on the road at the time, but they were still traveling quite fast."

Lu, who said he unfastened his seat belt and ran into the run before his wife could react, downplayed the incident, which lasted less than five seconds.

His wife can be seen getting out the car, too, but by the time she looks over at him, he is already holding the stroller in his hands.

"I think anybody would've done the same," he said.

Multiple reposts of Lu's heroics have attracted tens of thousands of comments from users on TikTok.

"This man has just spared an entire family," one commenter said.

"People's hero!" a second said.

Man Saves Baby In Stroller Rolling Downhill
This screen grab taken from a video posted to Weibo shows a child in an out-of-control stroller rolling into the middle of a busy highway in Kaili, Guizhou, China, on March 29, 2021. Weibo