Man With Swastika Tattoo Assaults Asian Man at California White Lives Matter Rally

A man with a swastika tattoo was arrested after assaulting an Asian man amid skirmishes as Black Lives Matter activists clashed with a White Lives Matter rally in Huntington Beach, California.

Sunday's White Lives Matter demonstration, held at 1 p.m. local time, was aimed at combating what protesters perceive to be widespread anti-white bias and threats posed by multiculturalism. Black Lives Matter counter-protesters ended up outnumbering the white nationalists, resulting in multiple heated confrontations and fights.

Huntington Beach Police later broke up the rally less than 90 minutes into the event, labelling it an "unruly crowd" and calling for its dispersal. Several arrests were made.

In a nearly six-hour live broadcast shared by CJTV Media, an Asian man could be seen attempting to speak to a White Lives Matter protester with a swastika tattoo on his forearm amid a crowd of onlookers. As the Asian man continued to engage with the marching white nationalist, the latter forcefully pushed the former away.

The Asian man could be heard saying "I didn't touch you" and "I wanna understand why you hate me" as the tattooed man reacted by hurling expletives.

"Get the f*** out of my face motherf***er, I'm walking down the pier," the white nationalist said, before shoving the Asian man once more to walk past him.

Both men subsequently came face to face, with the Asian man reiterating, "I want to know why you hate me so much." The tattooed man proceeded to shove him again, then struck his face with a blow that knocked off the Asian man's hat and glasses.

The Asian man continued following the tattooed man afterwards. He could be heard asking "What did I do?" and "What's the story behind the Nazi tattoo?"

As the tattooed man was surrounded by police, the Asian man said: "I don't want you arrested, I just want to know why you hate me so much."

The broadcast later showed the attacker being arrested and taken inside a police car.

The White Lives Matter rally in Huntington Beach was one of many nationwide organized on encrypted messaging app Telegram. A report by NBC News found the hyped-up events to have garnered a virtually low turnout across U.S. cities.

On Telegram, White Lives Matter attendees expressed disappointment over the paltry gatherings. Several reported showing up at designated meet-up spots only to find themselves either among a meager amount of protesters or standing completely alone.

Regardless, White Lives Matter organizers seemed determined to hold frequent rallies, vowing each upcoming event will "grow exponentially bigger and stronger."

White Lives Matter protester arrested
A man with a skull tattoo on his left arm resembling a Totenkopf is arrested by Huntington Beach police as anti-racism protesters confronted supporters of a planned "White Lives Matter'" demonstration on April 11, 2021 in Huntington Beach, California. The man, who also has a swastika tattoo, was filmed striking an Asian man during the rally. PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images