Video: Florida Man Caught Throwing Victim Off 30-foot Bridge During Fist Fight

Shocking footage from a police body camera shows the moment a fist fight between two men ended up with one of them thrown off a bridge, head-first into a river.

The incident at Daytona Beach, Florida, happened on Main Street Bridge on late Sunday afternoon. Police have now released video of what happened.

Suspect Derrick Goodin, 21, of Daytona Beach, is seen allegedly hurling a man from the road bridge into the Halifax River below, just as an officer from Daytona Beach Police Department happened to be passing by.

Officer Christopher Maher jumps from the vehicle and points a gun at Goodin, ordering him onto his belly on the floor. Goodin appears to reach into a pocket or his waistband and discard an item into the river, believed by police to be a wallet, before complying.

"He just jumped over the bridge," Goodin says while handcuffed on the floor, the video shows.

"Hey, get my witnesses. Y'all my witnesses, right," he says to people gathered by the edge of the bridge, looking into the water at the victim as he swims to safety.

"He assaulted my property, I felt threatened sir," Goodin tells the arresting officer.

"You just threw a male over the fucking bridge," the officer replies.

"He jumped over the bridge with my bike," Goodin says.

"I watched you. I'm right here," the officer says.

"Where my bike at?" Goodin replies.

According to the police report, the victim Anthony Mascaro, 33, of Port Orange was picked up by someone in a rowboat after the 30 ft fall but declined medical attention and refused to press charges against Goodin.

He sustained minor eye injuries. Officer Maher noted that "there are multiple pylons and maintenance cat walks below" the bridge where Mascaro fell.

Police said Mascaro was defending a female named as Stephanie Ellis, 34, of Daytona Beach. She told officers Goodin had approached her on the bridge about "a prior money exchange" before their altercation in which both Mascaro and a bike were tossed over the bridge.

Goodin allegedly hit Ellis in the face, but she also declined to press charges.

However, police arrested and charged Goodin regardless because "throwing someone into the water from the bridge could have prompted a serious injury, or a fatality."

Goodin is charged with aggravated battery causing harm, which is a felony, and two misdemeanours, including battery and breach of the peace.

Video: Florida Man Caught Throwing Victim Off 30-foot Bridge During Fist Fight | U.S.