Man Being Tight With Money Around Family Despite High Earnings Sparks Fury

A tight-fisted father-of-three has come in for criticism after it emerged he has been hesitant to pay towards the upkeep of his home despite being on "a lot of money" at work.

Money doesn't buy happiness. In fact, it can often be the root cause behind a marriage failing.

According to research conducted by Jeffrey Dew, a faculty fellow fellow at the National Marriage Project, and an assistant professor of Family, Consumer, and Human Development at Utah State University, when one spouse feels the other spends money unwisely, it actually increases the likelihood of divorce by 45 percent.

The key to a healthy marriage therefore, is to reach some form of consensus on how your money should be budgeted and spent.

Otherwise, you may end up in a situation like the one new mom posting to Mumsnet as Jxxx9.

A happy dad and two sad children.
Stock image of a happy dad and two sad children. A dad has sparked anger after it emerged he is refusing to provide more financial assistance to his wife while she is on maternity leave. Synthetic-Exposition/Getty

According to the post, she ran a business prior to the pandemic but is now juggling part-time work with caring for her nine-month old son. While she is getting back on her feet, her partner who is "on a lot of money" has been transferring £500 ($620) to her every month to cover her costs.

However, she said this "barely covers our food bill" for their three children and she also has to buy "children's clothes" and "baby food" among other things.

Although she is barely making ends meet around the home, her husband appears to be happy to spend money on himself.

"He will regularly treat himself to designer clothes and is going on a boys holiday this week costing thousands," she wrote. The mom said when she confronts him over it he puts her down and accuses her of "not contributing" telling her she "should have gone back to work full-time straight away" despite the fact they are financially comfortable.

The woman said she has been left "feeling trapped" over her lack of earning power and her husband's refusal to contribute more.

His alleged behavior drew an angry response on social media. "Split up," MadMadMadamMim said. "He's a waste of space." Summerhouse commented: "This is an absolute deal breaker. Can he really love you and treat you like this? All my respect for him would be gone."

Shivawn urged the woman to speak to her husband about things before it escalates further. "You need to have a serious conversation about finances," they said.

"It sounds likely you'd be better off leaving and claiming benefits and child maintenance," HollyDayDream wrote. "He is not respecting you and I could not stay with someone who thinks this is okay."

Elsewhere, Dreambigger said: "He's awful, this isn't how a relationship should work. You need a rethink on the whole thing." OfstedOffRed, meanwhile, warned the woman that her partner "doesn't sound very committed to a long term partnership with you if he's not joining finances."

Newsweek has contacted Jxxx9 for comment.