Man Tracks Down and Confronts Gym Goer Who Took AirPods in Video Viewed Over 2M Times

One gym goer's mission to find his stolen Apple AirPods was documented in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 2.1 million times.

The video was posted Jan. 10 by user @gabriel4j.

"Our AirPods got stolen at Planet Fitness and we tracked the location," overlay text stated as the three-minute video commenced. It showed a male wearing shorts walking through snow to an unknown location.

The male knocked and an older woman answered the door, which instilled "doubt" in the individual who allegedly had his AirPods stolen. He asked to speak with her.

He repeatedly tried to explain that his earphones were stolen at the local gym and they were traced back to her residence. Meanwhile, the woman spoke to someone in the house.

"Then she started talking to her son and I saw him earlier at the gym so I knew we had the right house," the overlay text said.

Another individual explained to the woman how they located the AirPods, mentioning GPS tracking and how the earphones are connected to their devices. The other individual says he just wants the AirPods back and won't press charges.

They also tell the woman that her son was at Planet Fitness earlier because they saw him.

"We just want them back; we ain't gonna do nothing, bro," they tell the individual who allegedly stole them.

Apple AirPods
A pair of Apple AirPods are seen during a launch event on Sept. 7, 2016, in San Francisco, California. Stephen Lam/Getty

The door shuts and the woman can audibly be heard asking where the AirPods are. Meanwhile, the two males talk and one mentions that he used to work with the accused. They both recall the individual being in the locker room with them at the same time earlier that evening.

"Don't worry, he's gonna get them," the woman tells them a moment later.

The AirPods are then returned to their rightful owner.

Nearly 3,000 people commented on the video, with many praising the mother for questioning her son and making sure the stolen item was properly returned. Some said that the boy "embarrassed" his mom, and she didn't let him get away with it.

"Lol the mom was not playing games," one person said. "She closed that door and told him to go get them headphones."

Another user mentioned how idiotic it is to steal Apple products because all of them can be tracked to the original owner.

There were also comments about the individual going to the home to get back his property, with some going as far as to call him "cheap." That rhetoric seemed to be part of the minority.

"How y'all calling him cheap.. but somebody STOLE his stuff?" one person said. "How is he the cheap one?"

"all you guys saying 'not worth it' you obviously don't work for what u have," another person said. "it's worth it when u had to work for it and spend your own money."

A pair of Apple AirPods easily run over $100, with some pairs costing over $200 and beyond.

As one commenter said, it's not about the price.

"I would look for anything that got stolen because it's mine and they don't deserve it," they said.