Man Transforms Old School Bus Into Jaw-dropping Home

Some of us would dread the arrival of the school bus in the mornings, having to sprint toward it bleary eyed when we'd much rather stay in bed.

However, one man in Knoxville, Tennessee, has managed to convert an old school bus into his home—and it looks unbelievably stylish and comfortable.

Caleb Brackney, an architecture grad student at the the University of Tennessee, bought the 1995 bus back in 2020 and immediately set about turning the space into a luxurious and sustainable home.

His recent video tour of the vehicle, which is called the Roamer Bus, has gone viral, having been watched 3.3 million times.

It begins by showing the bus out in a wooded area, and it is painted dark green and cream on the outside.

Brackney can be heard telling viewers that he converted the school bus "last year during six months of quarantine" as he then takes us inside to see the sleek wooden floors, tasteful kitchen and dining room "with a slide-out keyboard."

There is also a queen sized bed with a skylight above, as well as a wooden-panelled toilet and shower room.


100k likes and I’ll build a houseboat next #buslife #skoolie #fyp

♬ The Journey - Sol Rising

Brackney captioned the impressive video, which can be watched here, writing: "100k likes and I'll build a houseboat next #buslife #skoolie #fyp."

The home tour has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on August 26, having been liked by a whopping 402,700 people.

More than 9,200 comments have been left beneath the video, with many people sharing their delight at the bus's clever design features.

One TikTok user, PlatinumTok, wrote: "Coming from a contractor of years... Nice job man... nice job on the copper light as well!

Another person, Donya Whitmer, added: "This is the best bus renovation I've seen. Looks so comfortable. Love love love!!!!"

Allen Wilson typed: "I freaking love it and want one!! Recently divorced and don't want to sink my money into another house. What does something like this cost roughly!"

Sarag Terrano observed: "First bathroom in the back I've seen. That's smart."

Kaitlyn Zahorsky typed: "I love where you placed the bathroom. Good choice!"

BlueEyes0444 explained: "Favorite part is that skylight over the bed. Amazing."

Ask Me For My Name gushed: "Your house looks amazing... I am jealous!"

Sweet tea commented: "You made a beautiful home. I can't wait to see your next video. It's perfect! And how lucky you are a grad student with a great dog!"

Newsweek have contacted Brackney for comment.

School bus
A stock image of a school bus. A man on TikTok has renovated a similar-looking bus, and the results are incredible. Getty Images

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