Man Visits Grave of Girlfriend's Dad To Ask Permission To Marry Her in Emotional Video

The moment a man visited the grave of his girlfriend's father to ask for his permission to marry her has been captured in a powerful video shared to social media.

Event videographers Flom Wedding Films, who are based in Minnesota, shared the emotional footage to TikTok where it quickly gained traction. At the time of writing the video had been watched 1.9 million times. It can be viewed here.

In the video the man holding a bunch of flowers is shown approaching a graveyard while an onscreen caption explains: "His girlfriend's father passed away but he still wanted to ask permission to marry her."

Standing in front of the gravestone, the man explains: "I know this is unconventional because I never met you, but your essence is on Angie all the time so I wanted to ask: can I have your permission to ask for Angie's hand in marriage?"

"I promise to continue the legacy that you started," he continues. "I promise to treat her like the angel she is. I promise to never leave her or forsake her. I promise to love her no matter what."

The man adds: "I want to continue to show her the love that she experienced through her earthly father, you and most of all I want to show her the kind of love that her heavenly father has shown her."

The emotion of the 38-second clip was not lost on Flom Wedding Films, who shared the video alongside a caption urging viewers to "grab your tissues." Sure enough, the man's gesture brought a tear to the eyes of many watching at home.

Laura Plesko admitted she "actually teared up" watching the clip, while Emilya Watson also confessed that she was "crying" after seeing the video.

Kerbearmusic16 struggled to hold it together, writing: "Okay who is cutting onions because I was not ready to cry" with arson_wh0re admitting she too was "literally crying" as a result of the footage.

Others were in awe of the man's simple yet powerful gesture.

"What a gentleman," Emgrace1122 wrote. "This is incredible, Micaela Johnson said. "I know it shouldn't be. But we have to praise incredible men like him too."

"He was raised correctly," Helen Watson commented. "Good job young man, I'm sure your parents are proud. What a way to honor them and her father."

Denise Buchner-Hanse wrote: "That's a good man."

Joshua Flom from Flom Wedding Films told Newsweek: "Angie is a wonderful woman who is remarkably joy-filled and passionate about life. Her mom had health battles and unfortunately passed away.

"Shortly after, she unfortunately lost her father as well. She was incredibly close to them both, and her dream was her future husband would ask their permission before proposing.

"Ben reached out to us, and we came up with the plan to go there secretly."

In an extended version of the video shared to Flom Films' YouTube channel, Angie and Ben were interviewed with Angie unaware of what her boyfriend had done or that he was about to pop the question.

"We got her to be interviewed without knowing she was about to be proposed to," Joshua explained to Newsweek. She thought she was sharing her parents' story and her testimony of Faith.

"In reality, she was helping us tell the greatest proposal story we've ever told. They are now happily married, and are a truly wonderful couple."

The heartwarming proposal stands in stark contrast to another recent viral video of a man popping the question to his girlfriend in a crowded nightclub—much to her obvious horror.

Another notable horror show came during a trip to Las Vegas where a man staged an elaborate proposal only to see his plans end up in tatters.

A man at a graveyard.
A man called Ben is seen visiting the grave of his girlfriend's father to ask for her hand in marriage. A video of Ben visiting the grave is melting hearts online. Flom Wedding Films

Update 01/28/22, 8:18 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include video, pictures and comment from Flom Wedding Films.

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