Man Walks into Tacoma Chuck E. Cheese's, Accidentally Shoots Himself

A Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in Tacoma, Washington state, was evacuated on Sunday after a 22-year-old man accidentally shot himself with a firearm he was carrying.

The shooting occurred at approximately 5:20 p.m. and left the gunowner hospitalized, according to KomoNews, which covers news in the region. Tacoma police officials said the discharge was accidental and confirmed that no other patrons were wounded in the incident.

An eyewitness at the scene, who was not named, told he had helped some people evacuate under the suspicion it was an active shooter situation. But police spokeswoman Loretta Cool confirmed the man had shot himself in the leg and is expected to make a recovery.

The Chuck E. Cheese's currently has a sign close to the front door asking customers to refrain from bringing guns into the establishment, according to images posted to Twitter on Monday by local reporters. The sign reads: "No firearms allowed, violators will be treated as trespassers."

A father and son who were eating at the restaurant in celebration of a niece's birthday described the incident to KomoNews. "A bunch of people start running down towards the end and then they said somebody has a gun, so everybody starts running," said the son, Nick Jones.

Larry Jones, Nick's dad, said he had helped the wounded gunowner: "We figured out that [it] was a gunshot, and then people starting panicking. I have seven grandkids, six were here."

"There was another gentleman who had taken his belt off and was starting to do a tourniquet and then I just got down and assisted him," Larry Jones continued, adding: "[The shooter] was probably pretty embarrassed, he knew what happened. He knew that he did a big boo boo."

Parents in the eatery were left angry that the man had entered the restaurant while carrying the weapon, against policy. But police confirmed the man had a concealed-carry permit.

As a result, the only possible consequence of the accident could be a civil lawsuit filed by Chuck E. Cheese's, KomoNews reported. News outlet Kiro7 said police sources indicated that no charges had been filed, and that the shooter's name would not be released to the public.

Man Walks into Tacoma Chuck E. Cheese's, Accidentally Shoots Himself | U.S.