Man Who Repeatedly Shot New Wife With Stun Gun Is Jailed

A man who shot his new wife with a stun gun multiple times before he kicked her while she was on the floor of their U.K. apartment has been jailed.

Slawomir Buczynski, 37, shot his wife of two months, Katarzyna Kowal, up to seven times while she made a cake in their apartment in Aberdeen, Scotland, on April 6, 2020.

After shooting Kowal, Buczynski also kicked her when she had fallen to the floor, according to the BBC.

A young boy, who was in the house at the time of the attack, hid inside a bedroom, the network reported.

Neighbors alerted the police after they heard Kowal's screams, and Buczynski was arrested following the attack.

The High Court in Glasgow heard Buczynski became angry after a former friend of his wife's was mentioned.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting Kowal, admitted to possessing a prohibited weapon and threatening and abusive behavior on Tuesday, April 19, according to the BBC report.

Prosecution attorney Chris McKenna told the judge that the victim was making a birthday cake for the child when Buczynski entered the kitchen armed with a stun gun.

The court heard how Buczynski had mentioned a "historic friendship" that his wife had with a former work colleague, who happened to be a man.

According to the BBC, McKenna said: "A boy was present and saw him push Katarzyna. He then retreated to a bedroom and remained there until police arrived.

"Buczynski assaulted Katarzyna with the stun gun by pressing it against her body and discharging it repeatedly."

He was described as "calm and collected" after being arrested and was not intoxicated, the network reported.

Buczynski was sentenced to 18 months in jail after admitting to the crime.

Newsweek has contacted the police in Scotland for comment.

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Stock image of British police officer
A file photo of a British police officer. The husband was sentenced to 18 months in jail. Getty