Manager Asks Workers for $30 for Millionaire Boss's Birthday, Sparks Fury

A manager's request to their employees to all chip in for a supposedly lavish lunch to honor the company's owner's birthday sparked outrage on the internet.

In a Reddit post shared on Thursday, one of the employees who goes by the username noahsygg, explained that the manager specifically asked they all pay $30 each towards the lunch party.

In the post, which has so far reached 33,100 upvotes and 1,844 comments, the employee further explained that while the boss is a "millionaire" and could afford to fund the party for themselves, for them to be able to chip in means giving up half of their weekly food budget.

Slice of cake at desk
A stock image shows a slice of cake at a desk. A manager was slammed online for asking employees to chip in $30 each for their boss' birthday party. Getty Images

"He is super wealthy. I work two jobs and 70 hours a week. The party start time is 1.5 hrs before my start time," the employee wrote on the post.

"I would have to give up two hours of precious sleep that I already get way too little of and money which I also have too little of. If it was $5 or $10, that's one thing. I'm not giving up half of my weekly food budget for someone who hasn't done anything for me besides cutting my hours. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone and I can only vent to you folks," they added.

Most users didn't hesitate to pick a side and point fingers at the manager. One user, DentureMaker, commented: "Ask her if everyone is putting in $30 for your upcoming birthday." And HGLatinBoy added: "Yeah seriously you can get decent steak for yourself for those $30."

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics published in February 2022, the price for sirloin steak in 2021 was $11.06 dollars per pound, which means the observation made by the Redditor is accurate.

The same survey found that the price for a sirloin steak in 2002, 20 years ago, was less than half the price it is now at $5.45.

Another user, InevitablyPerpetual, pointed out: "For 30 bucks, I could get two semi-decent-ish steaks, some potatoes, a head of romaine, a cheap bottle of wine or some other drink, and have a VERY nice dinner. Who the hell needs 30 bucks from every employee for a LUNCH!?"

Another user, Multicron, joked: "Bonus points: the millionaire did pay for the party and the office manager is pocketing all the cash."

While other users went straight to the point. Ricky___Spanish commented: "I wouldn't spend a dollar on [anybody] at work. Everyone that's there has a job, buy your own s***," and donkeydoozy answered: "Coworkers and bosses are not the same."

"Came here to say this. What if this manager owes his dealer a couple hundred or something?" Dirtyjavis joked. While AstrixRK tried to explain what the real purpose of the party was: "You're missing the point, the party wasn't the owner's idea, it was the idea of someone looking for a promotion trying to suck up."

Newsweek has reached out to noahsygg for comment.