'The Mandalorian' 'Baby Yoda' Scene Explained: What the Episode 1 Cliffhanger Means for the 'Star Wars' Series

Disney+ released Episode 1 of The Mandalorian on November 12, which ended with the reveal of a 'baby Yoda' that seems destined to join the Ewoks in the plush toy aisle for decades to come. Rather than just a cute Star Wars side character, however, this little green infant (or whatever stage of life a 50-year-old of Yoda's species could be said to be in) could be crucial to the coming episodes of the show and its storyline.

But first, a recap of Chapter One of the series. In this episode, the bounty-hunting Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal) is given the location of a target an unnamed man (Werner Herzog) wants taken out. In order to get to this target, he teams up with assassin droid IG-11 (voiced by Taiki Waititi) to defeat dozens of people trying to protect it.

Once they are all dead, he enters a room with what looks like a crib, with a tiny baby Yoda in it. Of course, 'baby Yoda' is just a name the internet has given the creature⁠—the Yoda Star Wars fans know and love died at the age of 900 during Return of the Jedi, set five years before The Mandalorian. 'Baby' isn't even technically accurate as, as Herzog's character tells us, this creature is 50 years old⁠—though as Yoda lived to be 900, this species may have a much longer growing period.

the mandalorian baby yoda
"The Mandalorian" features a creature fans have dubbed 'Baby Yoda' Disney

Fans have titled the creature 'baby Yoda' as the species of the wise creature who trained Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in The Empire Strikes Back has never been revealed. In the official Star Wars databank, he is listed as "species unknown."

The Mandalorian finds himself unable to kill the creature, and destroys IG-11 in order to keep it alive. This seems to suggest where the plot of the Disney+ series is going. After all, if Herzog's character could offer so much wealth to The Mandalorian to kill this target, he will have plenty of resources to hunt him down now that he has not completed the mission.

The discovery of 'baby Yoda' also suggests we may finally learn more about the green, long-eared species. According to Heavy.com, the species is extremely rare and, is Yoda is anything to go by, extremely powerful, explaining why the Herzog character was willing to offer so much to destroy it.

mandalorian yoda species
"Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" introduced a character of the same species as Yoda called Yaddle. Disney

Other members of the species have been few and far between in official Star Wars projects, but have included Phantom Menace character Yaddle, who served on the Jedi High Council for a century and Vandar Tokare, who appeared in the Knight of the Old Republic video game.

However, this is the first time we have seen a member of the species so young. This could suggest that it has a family somewhere that could also be looking for it. That family could appear later in the series, as could this baby Yoda's real homeworld.

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