'The Mandalorian' Episode 7: What Moff Gideon and His Army of Troopers Means for the Finale

Throughout most of The Mandalorian, we have led to believe our main villain was The Client (played by Werner Herzog), who for reasons of his own has been trying to capture and kill The Child (known to the world as Baby Yoda) in the Disney+ series. However, in Episode 7, the villain was murdered by an even bigger bad guy, Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito).

His name tells us a lot of what we need to know about Gideon. In Star Wars lore, a Moff is the controller of a given area of space under the rule of the Empire. Helping him to keep order is his elite team of Death Troopers, of the sort introduced in Rogue One, all of which end the episode with weapons trained at The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) himself.

With The Child/Baby Yoda now under Moff Gideon's control, we are presumably heading for an episode where The Mandalorian and his new crew of allies have to storm some kind of Imperial base to get back The Child.

Alternatively, Episode 8 could be the time when we see the full range of Baby Yoda's powers. Previously we have seen him lift giant beasts, and in Episode 7 he put Cara Dune in a Force chokehold. As such, he could have even more untapped Force powers to lay Moff Gideon's army to waste in the finale.

Alternatively, Gideon's introduction could see Mando and his gang drawn into a galactic criminal conspiracy. This was hinted by Esposito, who told Slashfilm: "In a way, you might call him an underworld character."

the mandalorian moff gideon
Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon in "The Mandalorian" Disney+

In Episode 7, we learn that many of the residents of Nevarro consider him a beneficent dictator, but that could be masking some huge corruption of the sort that tends to happen under the watches of dictators.

Esposito's interview with Conan O'Brien included a few more clues. He said: "Moff Gideon is a remnant Imperial after the Empire falls apart. The Empire has been divvied up to these remnant Imperials who will then maintain order."

He also described his character as a "tricky interesting human being," and also talked about how Baby Yoda has a "very adult intelligence," suggesting we will definitely see more sides to The Child in the last episode of the first season of the Disney+ hit.

In terms of what Esposito had to say about Episode 8, Entertainment Weekly had him offer the tantalizing hint: "What does [Moff Gideon] really want? This guy is going to be a big player because he has an idea of how to keep order."

The Mandalorian airs Fridays on Disney+.