'The Mandalorian' Vandar Tokare: The Character Fans Think Explains 'Baby Yoda's' Role in the Series

"Baby Yoda" has taken Star Wars fans by storm since he was revealed at the end of The Mandalorian Episode 1 on Disney+. When they are not talking about how cute the little creature is, they are wondering what the character, whose species and name has not been revealed yet, will mean for the remaining episodes.

However, fans of the Star Wars video games have been discussing a character of the same species as Yoda, Yaddle and Baby Yoda (as the fans have dubbed him, despite being neither a baby nor Yoda) that could hold some hints for the future episodes of the Disney+ show.

In the Knights of the Old Republic series, players met Vandar Tokare, a character who lived 3000 years before the events of both A New Hope and The Mandalorian (which is set nine years after Star Wars: Episode IV). In these games, Tokare is a crucial figure in the Mandalorian Wars, which saw the Mandalorians take on the Galactic Empire, formed from the Jedi Order. In this time, Tokare taught many Jedis (similar to the way in which Yoda would one day teach Luke Skywalker) which helped them to fight against the Mandalorians.

As Esquire wrote about this: "If Baby Yoda has any familial connection to Tokare, this could mean that he descends from the same people who opposed the Mandalorians many centuries ago. If the main character of the new Disney+ series finds this out, it may complicate his motivations even further."

vandar tokare mandalorian
Vandar Tokare in the "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" video game LucasArts

In the series, The Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal) has been sent to capture Baby Yoda, referred to in the series as "The Asset" by The Client (Werner Herzog), the leader of a remnant of the fallen galactic empire. Given that the last time the Galactic Empire and the Vandar Tokare/Yoda species teamed up it led to the Mandalorians going to war, this could suggest that history is repeating itself and The Mandalorian is unknowingly heading towards the destruction of his own race.

Alternatively, the new Disney+ series may be complicating this history between the unnamed Vandar Tokare species and the Mandalorians. The Mandalorian and The Asset have already seemed to bond, with the latter using its Force powers to help the former kill a Mudhorn in Episode 2. This could mean that the species teams up with the Mandalorians in whatever epic events are sure to be coming soon in the Disney+ series.

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