'Manifest' Episode 4 'Unclaimed Baggage' Recap: Bethany's Secret Revealed as a New Person of Interest Lands on the NSA's List

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Here's everything that happened on Manifest Season 1 Episode 4, "Unclaimed Baggage." NBC

The Kelly Taylor murder consumed Manifest Episode 3, but in Episode 4 "Unclaimed Baggage" a new passenger takes central focus as viewers discover Flight Attendant Bethany is harboring a secret.

The episode begins as NSA director Vance is seen removing Kelly Taylor's photo from a digital board of Flight 828 Persons of Interest. Vance says " Rest in Peace Kelly Taylor" and instructs the agents to cut the surveillance on her home but to keep looking for connections between the other 19 persons of interest. As the agents exit the room, the camera zooms in on the face of Flight Attendant, Bethany, hinting at the central role she'll play in Episode 4.

Bethany's Hiding Something

manifest recap season 1 episode 4 unclaimed baggage
Bethany is hiding something... NBC

We see a flashback of Bethany aboard Flight 828 as Saanvi asks how long before they land. Bethany tells Saanvi she'll get back to her in a moment and makes her way to the front of the plane where she meets Captain Daly. When Bethany asks if everything is ok, Daly informs her that the plane has been diverted and there will be law enforcement on the tarmac. He asks her to help him keep the passengers calm. When Bethany asks why they're being diverted, he says doesn't know.

Bethany tells Saanvi they'll be landing soon and then moves towards the back of the plane where she opens up a storage compartment and retrieves a blanket. She then heads towards an employees-only area of the plane and grabs her purse off a shelf. She pulls something out and hides it in the blanket.

Saanvi Sees Something Unusual

manifest recap, season 1, episode 4 unclaimed baggage saanvi sees vision of stone woman
Saanvi is caught off guard by a vision of a stone woman. NBC

Back in the present, Saanvi walks through a hospital corridor with a tablet in her hand. As she looks up at a person passing her, she sees a woman made of stone walk by, leaving behind wet, dirty footprints. When she turns to see where the footprints lead, the stone woman is standing behind her. Saanvi is startled by what she sees but when another doctor shows up and asks if Saanvi is ready to go, the woman disappears.

Saanvi asks her colleague if Doctor Feldman still works there. The woman informs her that he does and that he's the head of the Neurology department. Saanvi tells her colleague to go on without her while she pays Doctor Feldman a visit.

Ben Struggles to Connect With Olive

Back at the Stone home, Ben is in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Grace is delighted when she sees what he's done but notices he's left a folder of clippings about Flight 828 on the counter. When she asks why he's up so early, he brushes it off and quickly puts the folder away. Grace tells Ben his dad called and wants Cal to stay at the lake with him for an extra day.

Olive joins them in the kitchen and asks for coffee. Ben compliments her on her overalls, but Grace corrects him saying it's a "romper." When Ben asks what Olive is doing after school she says she's getting driving lessons from Grandpa. Grace tells Olive it'll have to be rescheduled because he's staying an extra day at the lake with Cal. Olive seems disappointed, so Ben offers to teach her. Olivia turns him down saying, "Nevermind, it's fine," and leaves for school. When Ben asks what he did wrong, Grace tells him "Olive has a hard time with change and she's had a lot of it lately." Ben seems frustrated that he's been away so long and Grace says to just give it time and that he'll learn to "speak Olive." The two have an affectionate moment and it seems like their relationship is getting back on the right track.

Michaela is in a Tough Spot

At the police department, Michaela is bantering with a coworker when the boss enters and lets the group know they are running support on an ATF operation. He pairs Michaela and Jared. When Michaela asks what happened to her partner, Herrington, the boss says a pipe burst at his house. He asks if Jared and Michaela are good. Michaela is irritated but says she's fine.

Saanvi has a Strange Encounter

manifest season 1 episode 4 recap spoilers saanvi and ben talk about visions
Saanvi meets Ben to discuss her visions. NBC

Back at the hospital, Saanvi consults with Doctor Feldman over a brain scan. The scan is from Saanvi but she tells Feldman it's a patient of hers. She says that the patient showed an unusual blood marker and is now having visions that are very realistic. Feldman points out activation in the insular cortex that is consistent with someone experiencing hallucinations. When Saanvi asks what would cause the hallucinations, he says it's not clear. He then directs her attention to a brain scan of a homeless patient who was brought in earlier in the week. The doctor says the man was agitated and delusional and was initially diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Feldman notes that the two scans are very similar, with the activated area being more pronounced in the homeless man's scans. When Saanvi asks if this means her patient is in early stages of schizophrenia, Feldman says he would need to observe behavior before he could make a diagnosis and strongly suggests her patient make an appointment with him. Saanvi tells him she'll try to convince her and then leaves quickly. As she walks through the halls, she again sees the muddy footprints leading into one of the hospital rooms. The door bursts open and out comes the homeless psych patient who tells her "It was Bethany."

Saanvi meets Ben outside the hospital and tells him about her brain scan and the visions she's been seeing. Saanvi is convinced it's not a hallucination, but a signal of some kind. When Ben asks if it's like the plane they all saw, she says "kinda," and then tells him about the woman and her encounter with the psych ward patient.

Ben tells Saanvi he doesn't think she's crazy and that maybe Bethany knows something or has something to do with the flight going down. Saanvi says she has no idea how to contact Bethany, but Ben has her number in a database he's been collecting on passengers of Flight 828. Moments later Ben gets a call from a tearful Grace asking him to come home.

The Stone Family's Financial Situation Gets Worse

When Ben arrives home, Grace tells him they will have to sell the catering kitchen because they need the money. Ben says he's going to get something soon and that they'll be fine. She then tells him about a half million dollar settlement from the life insurance company that she took when she thought Ben wasn't coming back. The company wants the money back now that Ben has returned. Grace says none of the money is left and there's no equity in the house because she used it to open her business. Grace is distraught but Ben tells her he's back and that they'll figure it out.

Olivia Gets Into Trouble

After school Olive meets a friend at the mall to get makeovers. Her friend pushes her to buy the makeup kit, saying Olive looks like a movie star. When the saleswoman tells her the price, Olive says she'll have to think about it. Olive's friend asks why she hasn't gotten her allowance yet, and she says she's not sure. Either her mom forgot or things have changed but she felt like it would be petty to ask. Before they walk out the door, Olive tries to slip a lipstick in her purse but is caught by a nearby security guard.

Michaela Makes a Mistake

manifest season 1 episode 4 recap spoilers unclaimed baggage Michaela and Jared blow atf cop cover
Michaela's vision gets Jared into hot water. NBC

In a back alley, Michaela and Jared are camped out in a car on the ATF operation. They get a call from the ATF saying that they'll probably be stuck there until evening. Michaela and Jared banter back and forth and reminisce about a favorite restaurant nearby which leads to memories of their past relationship. Things get awkward and Jared leaves to get them coffee.

Jared returns with the coffee and asks if he missed anything. Michaela says she got a text from Herrington thanking Jared for tickets to the game, revealing that Jared planned the partnership with Michaela. Jared said he wanted to make sure she was ok since her return but that she refuses to talk to him. Michaela says her problem is complicated and painful but one she needs to deal with alone. They begin arguing but then Michaela sees a vision of the same stone woman Saanvi saw, but with wings. The woman is whispering the words "save him, save him."

Michaela is flustered as she tries to figure out what the woman's message means. She tells Jared she thinks the ATF undercover might be in trouble. When Jared asks what she's talking about, Michaela says they need to go in. Jared says she's crazy but Michaela insists that they need to go in and save him. Frustrated, Jared decides to follow her lead and they invade the building. When they get inside, they find the undercover agent is fine but the operation is blown. The agent is incensed and asks who made the call. Jared takes the blame.

When they return to the police department, Michaela watches as Jared gets yelled at for botching the ATF operation. She gets a call from Ben and tells him about the vision and the blowing the operation. Ben tells her that Saanvi had a similar vision. Michaela says she's thinking of coming clean to her boss. Ben tells her not to or they might all end up in a government psych ward. Michaela says she has to at least tell Jared but Ben says not to and to call Saanvi instead.

Michaela meets Jared when he comes out of the office and says he doesn't have to take the fall for her. He says he does until she tells him what's going on. Michaela tells him she heard a gunshot but he isn't buying it. He tells her if she doesn't want to talk to him it's ok, but that she needs to talk to someone.

Saanvi Learns Bethany's Secret

Saanvi shows up at Bethany's door and she remembers her as "Row 8, Laptop Girl." Saanvi tells her about what the psych patient said and Bethany acts shocked saying, "You found him?"

Meanwhile, at the office of NSA director Vance, an agent slaps a file down on his desk with a picture of the man from the psych ward. When Vance questions who it is, the agent says he is an emotionally disturbed person who was found three days ago. According to the agent, the homeless man's prints triggered a match in their database. The prints match a set found on Flight 828's cargo hatch door and Vance concludes the man was a stowaway.

In a flashback, Bethany is in the back of the plane placing the blanket on the lap of a young man wearing a flight attendant's suit. In the blanket are money, credit cards, and a cell phone. When he asks her if something is wrong, Bethany tells him they are diverting the plane and that the police will be there when they land. The man seems frantic as he says they'll know he isn't a flight attendant and that both he and Bethany will be arrested. Bethany tries to calm him and says to "think about Leo waiting for you in the city." She then tells him to go into the cargo hold and when the plane lands to climb out onto the landing gear, jump off and run.

Returning to the present, Bethany is telling Saanvi about the stowaway, Thomas. Thomas is her cousin Leo's boyfriend. When Saanvi asks why Bethany smuggled him in, she says Saanvi has no idea how dangerous being gay in Jamaica can be. Bethany says Leo and Thomas posted a video of the police beating a gay friend of theirs to death which made them targets as well. Bethany said Leo had a plane ticket but Thomas couldn't get a passport in time. With Thomas' life in danger, Bethany felt she had to help. She tells Saanvi that Leo never made it to the US. That he disappeared a few years after Flight 828 went missing.

Ben Deals with the Aftermath of His Disappearance

In the basement, Ben is brainstorming ways to pay back the half million dollars. He's working out some mathematical equations on the board and seems to have an idea. As he goes to put a box on the shelf, he notices a small black container there. In it are photos of Grace and Danny. Ben seems hurt but hides the box back where he found it. Grace comes in with food for him. He explains his plan to get them out of debt using a small business loan. He says they'll invest the money and use it to slowly pay off the insurance. When Grace realizes the plan will work, she tells Ben he's amazing. Their relationship seems to be headed in a good direction. A call comes in from Olive who asks Grace to pick her up at Blue Mercury. Ben says he'll do it.

manifest season 1 episode 4 recap
Ben and Olive struggle to reconnect during Manifest episode 4. NBC

Ben shows up at the mall and the saleswoman tells him Olive was caught shoplifting and that another man who claims to be her dad is already there. Ben turns and sees Danny with Olive. Olive asks what Ben is doing there as Danny introduces himself. Ben says he can take over from there and Danny leaves. Ben and Olive ride home in uncomfortable silence.

When they arrive at the house, Olive heads upstairs, but Ben stops her and asks if she's ever done anything like this before. When Olive says no, Ben tells her a story about a boomerang he stole when he was 15. Olive asks why he did it and Ben says he doesn't know. "I just think I felt like everything in my life was out of whack and at the time it seemed like a way to take the reins of something, anything." When she asked what his mother did, he said she told him that "everyone deserves a free pass." Olive breaks down and says she doesn't deserve a free pass. She explains that she called Danny because he knows what a screw up she is and that she's not the sweet little girl Ben sees her as. Ben says he doesn't see her as a little girl but as "this whole new person that he loves" and that if she ever needs help she can always call him. Olive asks if they can keep this between them. Ben reluctantly agrees.

Grace comes home and asks Ben how things went. He doesn't tell her about the shoplifting but Grace already knows and questions Ben about why he was dishonest. He explains that he didn't tell because he was trying to gain Olive's trust. When he asked how Grace knew, he realizes that she must have heard from Danny. He questions why they were talking if she broke things off. Grace diverts and says he can't keep secrets from her about their daughter. They start fighting about Danny's role in their lives. When Grace says "you weren't there," Ben says he is now but that neither she nor Olive seems to be able to let Danny go.

manifest recap season 1 episode 4 unclaimed baggage ben and grace
Ben and Grace work through the aftermath of Ben's disappearance. NBC

Saanvi and Bethany Hatch a Plan

Saanvi returns to the hospital and asks Feldman if she can consult with the homeless patient before he's discharged, but Feldman informs her he's being moved to a state-run facility since no one came to claim him. Saanvi meets Bethany in the hall and tells her they have a big problem. The two devise a plan to get Thomas out of the psych ward by pretending Bethany is his mother.

Saanvi speaks to a nurse about discharging Thomas, but the nurse says she's surprised the doctor approved it because Thomas is on so much medication. Saanvi says Bethany is a physician's assistant and the doctor thought he'd be better with family. The nurse is about to let them go into Thomas' room when an alarm goes off. Another nurse says they are on lockdown because a patient tripped the alarm when he tried to escape. Bethany and Saanvi rush towards Thomas' room only to find he's disappeared. Back in the hall Saanvi sees the wet footprints again and asks Bethany if she can see them. Bethany doesn't know what she's talking about and the two rush out the emergency exit. As they leave, Vance and his team enter Thomas' room. When he enquires what happened to the John Doe patient, the nurse informs him that Thomas is no longer a John Doe because his mother came to claim him. Vance asks where Thomas' mother is, but Saanvi and Bethany are nowhere to be seen. Outside the building, Saanvi and Bethany run into Michaela who tells them she's been seeing visions too. Saanvi says they don't have time to talk and that they need to leave now.

manifest recap season 1 episode 4 saanvi and Bethany
Saanvi and Bethany hatch a plan to help Thomas escape the hospital. NBC

The women pile into Michaela's car and Bethany her to help them find Thomas. She thinks he'll try to meet Leo but has no idea where. Saanvi says they need to find wet footprints. Michaela asks if the woman who left the footprints had wings but Saanvi said no. Michaela says it doesn't make sense but Bethany makes a connection. She says it's the Angel of the Waters, a statue that is at the top of Bethesda Fountain and part of one of Leo's favorite plays, Angels in America. Michaela realizes Thomas is who the angel wanted her to save, not the ATF agent.

The trio then heads to the statue and finds Thomas sitting on the edge of it. Bethany runs over an embraces him but Michaela says they need to leave or they'll be caught. Thomas doesn't want to leave for fear of missing Leo. Bethany tells him that Leo isn't coming and that he disappeared several years ago. Thomas breaks down in grief and refuses to leave, but Michaela promises she will help him find Leo if he's still alive. They take Bethany and Thomas to a boiler room in a building that was owned by Kelly Taylor so they'll be safe while Thomas detoxes.

Ben picks up Michaela to get supplies for Bethany and Thomas. During the car ride Michaela says their mission worked and that they completed "the calling," but Ben says he isn't sure it's a good thing. He tells her they are now harboring a fugitive and that this "calling" really screwed things up for Jared. Michaela says that was her fault for getting the calling wrong. Ben warns Michaela not to follow the voices blindly since they don't even know if they are good or bad. Michaela says she doesn't think they have a choice.

The episode closes as Vance is seen adding Thomas to the Flight 828 Persons of Interest list. Meanwhile, Michaela stands in front of the Angel statue asking "What do you want from me?"

Manifest airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m. on NBC

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