Manifest Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: 'Connecting Flights' Reveals A Tangled Web Of Relationships

Manifest Episode 5 Connecting Flights dives deeper into the tangled web of relationships that developed when the members of Flight 828 disappeared. Meanwhile, a new person of interest gets dragged into the plot as keeping Thomas' whereabouts a secret from the NSA becomes more complicated. Check out our complete recap of Episode 5, here.

The episode begins with a flashback to the day Flight 828 disappeared and the effects it had on everyone connected to the missing passengers. We see Olive sitting with Grandpa on their flight home, explaining that this is the longest she's ever been away from Cal. Grandpa tells her twins have a special bond and that they are never really apart. Meanwhile, Ben's mother, Karen, is telling Grace she knows the couple has been going through some marital difficulties. Grace brushes it off saying they've just been too focused on Cal, but that she thinks they are turning a corner.

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Grandpa and Olive NBC

The scene moves to Jared and Lourdes in a bar together discussing what will happen when Michaela deboards her flight. He's worried she'll turn down his marriage proposal but Lourdes tells him not to worry. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Michaela's dad who asks him to come to the airport. When he arrives the family is frantically trying to get answers about what happened to Flight 828.

Ben Hears A Call

Back in the present, Ben is in the boiler room under Kelly's building telling Bethany and the others what a mess they've gotten themselves into while trying to help Thomas. Thomas says he'll leave so the others aren't at risk but Michaela is convinced they were called to help him and refuses to back down. Bethany comes up with a plan to take Thomas to a friend's cabin in upstate New York. Ben goes to leave and is followed by Michaela. They argue about the calling Michaela believes they've heard. Ben says the callings are dangerous and that something is screwing with them. He tells Michaela she can do what she wants with her life but not to sabotage his. As he walks away he hears a voice saying "It's all connected." Michaela knows he's heard something and asks him what the voice said. Ben says it's nothing worth risking his family's safety. Michaela tells him he can't walk away from what's happening, but Ben leaves anyway.

Vance Gets a Lead

Back in NSA Director Vance's office two agent are reporting that Thomas' fingerprints were found in the cargo hold confirming he was on the plane but that they still don't know who he is. Vance is visibly upset that the agents don't have better information on Thomas and where to find him. The agents say they believe he may have gotten help from Bethany and Saanvi who were both present at the hospital the night he disappeared. Vance orders the women be interviewed immediately.

Jared's Job is in Jeopardy

Back at the police department, Jared's boss is trying to convince him to tell the truth about the botched ATF job and Michaela's role in it. Jared stands his ground saying he believes her story about the gunshot. The boss tells Jared there will be a hearing and he could lose his position as a detective but Jared remains unmoved. As the boss leaves, Michaela walks in and asks how it went. Jared tells her to go home and enjoy her day.

Ben Experiments with Chaos

Back at the Stone home, Grace is preparing to leave for work. Ben offers to stay with him saying today will be "all about Cal." He heads into the living room where Cal is playing Fortnite and suddenly hears the voice again saying "It's all connected." Cal sees he's shaken. Ben asks if Cal ever feels like someone else is in control of his life. Cal says all the time. Ben suggests they try a little Chaos Theory — the unpredictable — today. He says they'll make all their decisions by flipping a coin. Cal agrees and the two head out for some fun at Coney Island. As they leave, Grace gets a text from Danny begging her to meet him today but Grace texts back that she's too busy.

Grace and Danny's Relationship Unfolds

The scene flashes back to a depressed Grace lying in bed and watching a news report about the missing flight. Olive walks in with soup but Grace says she isn't hungry. It becomes clear that Olive has taken on a parenting role as she tells Grace they are out of bread and other essential food items. Grace realizes her mental state and makes a decision to get out of bed. Looking in the mirror, she says, "Pull yourself together."

Later we see Grace attends a bereavement group and telling them she's there for her daughter. Danny, having lost his wife, is one of the bereaved. He strikes up a conversation with Grace after the meeting, kicking off their friendship and later romantic relationship.

Manifest, recap, season, 1, episode, 5, connecting, flights, cal, its, all, connected, grace, olive, danny, ben, michaela, jared, met, lourdes
Danny NBC

In another flashback, we see Grace and Olive preparing dinner. Olive is upset that Danny is coming over. Grace says they are just friends but Olive sees through it and stomps off. Grace lets Danny in and he comments that he overheard the conversation with Olive. Grace apologizes saying "I guess two years still too soon." Danny goes to leave but Grace convinces him to stay saying he's been good for her and she thinks he'll be good for Olive too. Over dinner Olive is icy. When Grace gets up to clear plates he tries starting up a conversation with her. The conversation veers to Cal and Danny says she must miss him a lot. Olive is rattled by the mention of Cal and insists that he isn't dead and that one day she'll find him.

Lourdes and Michaela Struggle to Reconnect

The scene moves to a new flashback with Jared and Lourdes bringing boxes of Michaela's old stuff to Michaela's parents' home. They start looking at photos of her and Michaela and Evie and laugh about a funny memory. Lourdes comments that it feels wrong to laugh, but Michaela's mom tells her "Joy is never wrong," and that she knows Michaela would want the people she loves to be happy.

Back in the present, Michaela shows up at Jared and Lourdes' home and asks if she can come in for a visit. As she walks in she notices pictures of her and Jared's wedding. When she enquires about an afghan blanket on the coach, Lourdes says Michaela's mom made it for her. Things get awkward for a moment, but Michaela moves past it and tells Lourdes she needs her help with the situation at work. She explains how Jared is taking the fall for her mistake and that it could mess up his career. When Lourdes said Jared hadn't told her, Michaela starts to leave saying her coming there was a mistake. Lourdes begs her not to leave and that they are still friends, but that trying to convince Jared not to take the blame wouldn't do any good. Michaela begs Lourdes to reconsider, saying being a detective is Jared's dream and Lourdes says she knows.

Manifest, recap, season, 1, episode, 5, connecting, flights, cal, its, all, connected, grace, olive, danny, ben, michaela, jared, met, lourdes
Jared NBC

The scene flashes back to a bar on the night Jared was promoted. Lourdes shows up and asks to see his new badge. He says he doesn't feel like he deserves it, but Lourdes tells him he does because he works so hard and basically "has no life." She tells him he needs some adventure and to get out of his comfort zone. They have a moment and Jared kisses her. It appears to be the kick off point for their romantic relationship.

Ben's Experiment Goes Sideways

At Coney Island, Ben and Cal are enjoying they carnival. The flip a coin and decide on pizza for lunch. As their finishing the meal, Ben hears the voice again. It's clear he's rattled but he tells Cal they should flip again to decide whether to stay longer or go home. The toss sets them on a course home. Cal heads towards the street to catch a train, but Ben says maybe they should take an Uber. Cal encourages him to keep things random and heads towards the train.

Manifest, recap, season, 1, episode, 5, connecting, flights, cal, its, all, connected, grace, olive, danny, ben, michaela, jared, met, lourdes
"It's All Connected" NBC

On the train, Ben is still hearing voices. Someone recognizes them as passengers from Flight 828 and starts taking pictures of them. Cal jumps off the train and Ben follows telling him it isn't their stop, but Cal says it's part of the game and rushes off. Ben starts following asking him to come back but Cal heads up a set of stairs and tells Ben to take the first left. Ben chases him through the train station but Cal continues, saying that they are masters of their own destiny. When Cal slips through a set of locked gates, Ben says the game's gone too far. Cal refuses to stop saying he's having too much fun. As Ben struggles to get through the locked gate, Cal calls out, "Don't worry Dad, it's all connected."

Bethany's Plans Get Botched

Outside their home, Bethany and her wife are packing the car. Bethany asks if she is doing the right thing and the woman assures her she is. She tells Bethany to take the EasyPass out of the car and to pay cash for everything so there's no paper trail. Just as Bethany is preparing to leave, a black SUV shows up beside her and out jumps Vance. He tells her she's under arrest.

Back at NSA headquarters Vance is showing Bethany a photo of Thomas and asking who he is. Bethany says she doesn't know but Vance isn't buying it. Vance tells her Thomas may be responsible for what happened on the plane. When Bethany asks for a lawyer, Vance says he's prepared to cut her a deal and let her go home if she just tells what she knows.

Ben Must Face The Calling

Back at the train station, Ben continues to chase Cal. They come to a grate in the wall and Cal opens it and climbs through. When Cal arrives on the other side, he's in the room where Thomas has been hiding. When he sees Thomas, he doesn't seem surprised. Ben arrives just in time to hear him say, "Hi, I'm Cal. And your Thomas?"

Ben asks how Cal knew Thomas' name and location, but Cal insists he didn't and that it "just came to me." Ben asks why Cal said "It's all connected," and Cal said he was talking about the tunnels in the subway. Ben gets flustered and demands Cal explain how he knew about the boiler room when Thomas steps in. He asks Cal to play a game of chess with him. While Cal is setting the game up, Ben gathers himself and he and Thomas have a chat. He explains the events of the day and Thomas says he understands why Ben didn't want to be involved with his escape. Ben says that's all changed now. When he asks why Bethany hadn't returned, Thomas says he doesn't know.

Michaela Gets Some Surprising Advice

Michaela arrives at her dad's house with a pizza and tells him that she has the day off. The two sit down on the porch together and Michaela says she misses her mom. Her dad asks what's on Michaela's mind. She tells him about visiting Lourdes and how it felt like looking at the life that was supposed to be hers. She admits to still having feelings for Jared and he encourages her to go get him. He said the only reason Jared married was because he thought Michaela wasn't coming back. Michaela says he's crazy but he tells her her mother would want her to be happy.

The scene flashes back to a time when Michaela's mom is still alive but appears to have cancer. She and Dad are giving a gift to Jared. It's an afghan she's knitted for Jared and Lourdes' wedding. She tells him that "love is never something to feel guilty about. It's a blessing." As Jared leaves it's clear Dad thinks the marriage is a mistake. He tells Karen that Jared is still in love with Michaela.

Jared Has An Unexpected Savior

At police headquarters, Jared is in a hearing being interviewed about the events surrounding the ATF operation. They tell Jared that the ATF undercover said no shots were fired until after he and Michaela busted in, placing doubt on Michaela's story. Jared said the ATF guy had his timeline wrong and that he's confident in his testimony. The officers tell Jared his career is on the line and this is his last chance to change but Jared remains unmoved. The men prepare to leave and tell Jared to sit tight. The verdict comes back on Jared and he gets stripped of ten days pay. When he comes around the corner Vance is sitting on a bench and he realizes Vance is the reason he got off so easy. Jared asks what he wants and Vance says Jared must now report all of Michaela's actions to Vance. When Jared asks, "Or else what," Vance just walks off chuckling.

Later that evening Michaela walks into a bar where Jared is having a drink. She asks how the hearing went and is surprised by the lenient judgment. She starts to tell him how much him standing up for her meant but he cuts her off and says he doesn't want to talk about it and leaves the bar.

Olive and Grace Confront Their Feelings For Danny

At home, Grace answers the door to find Danny standing there. Grace tells him he can't be there but Danny says she gave him no choice. When Grace tells him she's trying to rebuild her marriage, Danny said it isn't about them, but Olive. He tells her that the day Olive was caught shoplifting, store security told her to call her dad and she dialed Danny instead of Ben. He discusses how they had been a family until 10 days ago. He says he knows because he's dealt with the loss of his wife, he'll get over losing Grace but he doesn't know how to break his connection to Olive.

Later that evening Olive arrives home and sees a thoughtful Grace sitting at the kitchen table. When Olive asks if Grace is ok, they start talking about the recent changes and Olive's feelings about Danny. Olive says Ben is her Dad, but so is Danny. Grace tells her she knows and that it's ok.

Ben Accepts The Calling

Manifest, recap, season, 1, episode, 5, connecting, flights, cal, its, all, connected, grace, olive, danny, ben, michaela, jared, met, lourdes
Adam gives in to "The Calling" NBC

Back in the subway, Thomas is packing his stuff. Ben hands him a little money and says it won't take him far but it's something. As Thomas is thanking him, Cal walks in and says they need to go. Ben says they'll leave in a minute. As he tries to tell Thomas to wait until midnight to leave, Cal appears to be seeing or hearing something and insists that they need to leave now. Ben suddenly hears the voice again and asks why Cal says they need to go. Cal tells him someone is coming and then they hear banging on the door. Thomas urges them to leave but Cal says he thinks the person is a friend. They then hear the voice of a woman. It's Bethany's wife, Georgia. She tells Thomas about Vance arresting Bethany's and that she's there to get Thomas. They leave and Ben asks how Cal knew she was a friend. He says he just had a feeling.

Lourdes Has Doubts

Back at Jared's house, Lourdes tells him about Michaela's visit. She asks about his problems at work and why he didn't tell her about it. He asks if it bothers her that he stuck up for Michaela and that he only did because of everything she'd been through recently. Lourdes questions if there was any other reason. It's clear there will be some trust issues going forward.

Michaela and Ben Feel Trapped

Michaela and Ben meet up in Ben's workspace and Michaela sees he's been doing lots of research about Flight 828. He tells Michaela about what happened with Cal. Michaela says it's like a huge spider web and they're all trapped in it.

The show comes to a close as we see Cal looking out the window of Flight 828 whispering the words, "It's all connected."