Man's $8.99 'Bougie' Eggs Purchase Has Commenters in Stitches

A man shared in a now-viral video that he found—and subsequently bought—a "bougie" carton of eggs worth $8.99 and the internet is in stitches.

The video was posted to TikTok on Monday by @mitchmcconnellsneckskin, who wrote: "I'm still so confused. But I think they're ethically sourced so I'm all for bougie eggs." So far, the post has received more than 1.4 million views and over 128,000 likes.

The "bougie" eggs in question come from a company called Consider Pastures, a national egg brand that boasts pasture-raised eggs.

According to The Food Network, about 90 percent of eggs in the U.S. come from caged hens. These hens are confined to cages with only "67 square inches each" to roam, and are fed primarily corn or soy-based diets.

By contrast, pasture-raised eggs are laid by hens that are "allotted at least 108 square feet per hen," The Food Network explained.

"They eat a combination of carefully balanced supplemental feed and whatever they can find in the dirt when they go outdoors including grass, worms and bugs," The Food Network continued. "They are able to leave the barns early in the morning and are called back before nightfall."

Due to the hens' healthy lifestyle, pasture-raised eggs are said to contain more vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E than eggs laid by caged hens.

"Listen, I get it—I like nice things," the TikToker said at the beginning of his video. "But I'm here in the grocery store, in the egg aisle, and what are these?"

He flips his camera to show viewers that he's staring at a row of Consider Pastures egg cartons that are blue and white in color and appear to be made of paper.

"What kind of bougie chicken?" he asks as he takes one of the cartons down from the shelf.

The video's commenters were immediately taken by the eggs' "bougie" branding.

"Is this the yassification of EGGS???" asked Viv.

"What in the Kate Spade?! GIVE THEM TO MEEEE," wrote L.


"Love the non-plastic packaging though..." said kyrie.

Lindsay admitted: "My toxic trait is that I would buy them"

In a follow-up video posted on Tuesday, the user shared that he actually did buy the eggs.

"For everyone who was asking, these cost $8.99—the most expensive eggs I ever bought," he told viewers.

He then did an "unboxing" of the eggs to reveal that he'd jokingly placed a lightning cable and a couple of Apple stickers inside the box, to give the effect that he was unboxing an Apple product.

"I JUST CACKLED THAT IS GENIUS," commented one TikTok user.

"This is hilarious," wrote Cody.

"Do they come in Space Grey?" D asked.

Karley1simmons4 added: "I love you for buying them!!"

Egg carton
A man shared in a now-viral video that he found—and subsequently bought—a “bougie” carton of eggs worth $8.99 and the internet is in stitches. Михаил Руденко/istock