Man's Incredible Weight-Loss Photos Taken Three Years Apart Go Viral

A man's side-by-side weight loss photos have gone viral and have inspired Twitter users to share their own progress.

Twitter user Stephen Vysocky, who goes by @CinnaPlaysGames, shared two side-by-side photos of himself apparently at Disneyland, with one taken three years ago, the post says, and the other taken earlier this week.

Vysocky's photos have been shared widely on social media, being liked by more than 500,000 Twitter users and shared more than 30,000 times. He has used the opportunity to share his advice with those asking for it on Twitter.

3 yeas ago vs today

— CinnaMinion Gaming (@CinnaPlaysGames) June 13, 2021

Vysocky has also been praised by impressed Twitter users for his transformation.

One user said: "Well done, bloody well done. Congratulations, on everything you have achieved," and another said: "You what? you freakin' DID that. You're an inspiration, and I wish you happy and healthy days always from the mind outwards!"

As he elaborated on his diet and workout tips across multiple tweets, Vysocky simply told one user asking for help: "I changed my diet and got my ass in the gym almost every day for 3 years"

He told another user: "It's a lot of hard work you have to change your eating habits and mindset. You have to push yourself to work out and know no one is going to outwork you."

In response to someone asking about diet tips and how to stay motivated, Vysocky said: "Yeah it's like super tough!! I basically cut out most of the sugar out of my diet, quit sodas, and drank more water.

"When I hit the wall I just kept telling myself I am doing this for me and no one is going to outwork me, half the battle is starting to work out, once you're there you commit."

He elaborated on his weight loss diet when he told another Twitter user: "I quit a lot of the fast food, so a lot of home-cooked food with greens and meat, as of right now I'm trying to keep it low carb."

Vysocky's photos have inspired thousands of people online, but many have asked how he managed to stay consistent.

To one user who asked just this, he replied: "Even on the days it sucked I told myself to embrace it and push harder, even [on the] days I didn't want to go to the gym I went and got even the smallest workout in.

"Just think every small step is forward momentum to a better future."

Vysocky told Newsweek: "I never thought in a million years that my post would get this much attention! I am really enjoying all the attention that I'm getting and I am trying to help out as many people as possible with advice.

"I want people to know that it is hard work to lose as much weight as I did and naturally (I haven't had bariatric surgery), it just takes some diet changes and a lot of dedication to working out!"

Update 06/17/21, 09:57 AM E.T.: This article was updated to include a comment from Stephen Vysocky.

Man holding a dumbbell
Stock image of a man holding a dumbbell. Photos of a man's weight loss transformation have gone viral on Twitter. interstid/Getty