'Good for You': Man's Petty Revenge at Lunchtime Praised Online

A man's reaction to being asked to move seats halfway through a meal has been praised online.

On Monday, Reddit user u/InbhirNis shared the story on Reddit's popular r/PettyRevenge forum where it has received more than 10,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

In the post, the Redditor explained: "I've come to a cafe near my office for lunch and the only space they had to sit was at the end of a communal table. No problem—I sat at the very end of the table leaving three other spaces. I ordered my lunch and sat there minding my own business.

"A couple of women arrived soon after and politely asked if they could sit at two of the free spaces next to me. No problem," he explained. But before long, two other people arrived to join them.

"There was only one seat left, so what did they do? Yep, asked me to move somewhere else," shared the Redditor.

With the café full and being in the middle of his meal, the man politely refused to move. Unhappy with the situation, the group of customers were angry: "They're carrying on about how selfish I'm being, taking up the entire communal table when I'm only one person," he wrote.

"They're watching me eat, willing me to finish and leave," he wrote. "F**k 'em," he continued: "Once I've finished eating, I'm going to order a coffee, linger over it, and then order a slice of cake."

Man sitting in café at laptop
The internet has sided with a man after he took revenge on rude customers asking him to move during his lunch. Pictured: A stock photo of a man sitting in a café looking at his laptop and smartphone. Getty Images/Ridofranz

Reddit's r/pettyrevenge community includes 1.8 million members and states that it's "for all your stories of small victories over those who've wronged you."

Members of the community applauded the man for his petty revenge. One commenter said: "Time to start working on that novel you've been thinking about writing," while another wrote: "Good for you. They should never have asked you to move. I'm glad you savored your meal and time at the table."

But appreciating a bit of well-placed revenge isn't unusual. In 2004, a group of researchers from the University of Zurich studied the brain's neural response to revenge.

In the study, 15 male students were told they were doing an economic study. Hooked up to scanners that recorded their brain activity, they were split into pairs. Player A was told they could give all or some of his money to Player B, who could then split or keep the money.

During the study, players trusted their partners only to find that they had kept all of the money for themselves. The researchers then gave them the chance to punish their greedy partners, recording their brain activity as they contemplated revenge.

The decision was found to cause a rush of activity in the caudate nucleus, an area of the brain known to process reward (and often cited as the part of the brain that delights in addictive substances like nicotine). The Swiss study confirmed that revenge is indeed sweet.

One commenter suggested: "Pull out a tablet and do some work well into the next hour if possible."

"Eat that cake with a tiny fork one mini bite at a time," suggested another reply on the now-viral Reddit post: "How rude are they."

Newsweek has reached out to u/InbhirNis for comment.