Couple Desperate for a Baby After Miscarriages Raise Thousands on TikTok

A couple have managed to raise funds for IVF via social media platform TikTok, after they suffered many heartbreaking miscarriages.

Lucy and Mark Brown, from Teesside, United Kingdom, have been trying to have a baby for five years, but had already spent £15,000 ($20,440) with no luck.

As a result the pair decided to turn to social media to earn the money as Mark, 39, is on the TikTok creator fund with his reviews of supermarket items via his account Rightguysreview.

From views on his content, which ranges from food reviews to bargain hunting, the pair were able to raise £4,500 ($6,130) for IVF (in vitro fertilization).

However, Mark stressed to local news outlet Teesside Live: "No one has given us a penny."

Lucy, 40, who is a hairdresser, was sterilized after she suffered complications with the birth of their now-teenaged son, whose name is Sonny.

But as he got older, the couple made the decision to try for another baby but have faced a gut-wrenching seven miscarriages as well as one ectopic pregnancy.

Mark told Teesside Live that: "We were both down, and really depressed about the situation. Going through all those miscarriages was a really horrible situation for the pair of us—every time it's a devastating blow."

He then explained: "I already had a following on TikTok, due to my reviews of supermarkets deals and food, so it occurred to me to use the platform to try and help us.

"It would be absolutely amazing to have another child, and we never thought social media would be the thing to make it happen."

Mark revealed that owing to the success of his account, which has 676,400 followers and 16 million likes, the pair are now at the feralization stage of IVF.

He went on to add by sharing their journey, in videos such as the one that can be viewed here: "People have given their time and minutes to help us produce another life. We had some lovely people saying they put our videos on and let them play all night just to up the views."

As a result of the success they have had so far, the parents have decided "to keep sharing our journey as we go through the IVF process, because it was the views that got us here in the first place.

"And to say thank you to everyone who has viewed, we want to allow TikTok users to help us choose the baby's name."

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Stock images of IVF and TikTok. A man has raised over $6,000 for IVF via review videos. iStock