Man's Viral Video Leaving Waiter a 200 Percent Tip Divides Commenters

Though many videos have gone viral after someone left a poor tip, one man's TikTok video divided commenters when he showed himself leaving a sizable tip for his waiter.

The caption on TikTok user @realkingkhang's video, which was viewed more than 175,000 times since it was posted, stated that he left a 200 percent tip. Viewers' reactions were split, and while some people commended him for leaving a generous tip, others criticized the video.

There are no set rules to how much a customer should tip a service employee, but Consumer Reports discussed expected tips for various types of employees across different industries.

The video opens as @realkingkhang is paying for his meal at the table. He asked the waiter to swipe on a payment tablet to determine what his tip would be.

"Boom, 200 percent. Done," he said.

According to the text overlay on the video, the bill came out to be $46. The waiter received a $93.26 tip for the order.

"I love doing this," the text over the video read. "[Feels] so good to make [someone's] day."

Before the video ended, the man gave a thumbs up to the camera before thanking @realkingkhang and his dinner partner.

According to Consumer Reports, most people leave between 15 and 20 percent of the pre-tax total of a restaurant bill.

"Don't dip below 15 percent unless the service has been abysmal—and never skip a tip," the piece read.

It went on to say that people should consider aiming to leave a 20 percent tip because it "is what most people leave."

A man's viral TikTok video where he showed himself leaving a 200 percent tip for his waiter left commenters divided. While some praised the man for his action, others accused him of trying to show off. Photobuff/iStock

The viral video was met with differing reactions from TikTok viewers.

"Why do we make games out of tipping people and film it?" @purplesponge asked. "Just give the money leave it at that."

"Y'all did not need to post this and you didn't need to repeat it 4 times at the table like you are gods or something," wrote @TheAmazingKid.

One commenter wrote that they've left generous tips but do not document them.

"I've tipped 100$ before and I'm not a millionaire," @briansayshola commented. "I also didn't film it for clout."

However, some defended @realkingkhang and the video.

"People only don't like this because you'd rather see someone in despair to feel better about yourselves and miserable lives," @Pplscrt79 claimed.

"All the comments are hating, but [I] doubt any of them have EVER paid over 20 [percent] for their tips," @hernando wrote.

When asked for a comment, Newsweek was directed to a follow-up video @realkingkhang shared where he responded to the more critical comments.

"It doesn't matter how you live your life," he said. "What you do, what you say will always be judged by somebody else."

He continued and encouraged his viewers to ignore "the noise," saying that he's been criticized for not being generous, but receives backlash for sharing a video where he "gives back."

"No matter what you do, you're not going to please everyone, so just do you," @realkingkhang concluded.