Margaret Mitchell: The Brenda Years

One word for the producers of ""A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story'': subtitles. Listen in agony to star Shannen Doherty's Old South accent as she plays ""Gone With the Wind'' author Mitchell: ""Ah hayted the Nooath. Theyah speech huhts mah eahs.'' Likewise, Shannen. The ""Beverly Hills, 90210'' dropout does sort of a Valley Belle thing in this excruciatingly pointless biopic airing Nov. 7 on NBC.

As hard-core ""GWTW'' fans know, Mitchell was inspired by her own romantic misadventures. Bootlegger Red Upshaw (Dale Midkiff) is Rhett Butler. A doomed soldier played by Clark Gable's son, John, evokes Ashley Wilkes. Steadfast John Marsh (Matt Mulhern) is Scarlett's boring No. 2 husband, Frank Kennedy. And beautiful, headstrong Mitchell is Scarlett as only a movie of the week can render her: fabulously codependent and, yes, a victim of abuse. This whole disaster is a beyond-cheesy attempt to cash in on CBS's promotional ""Scarlett'' fever. Doing a little hype of her own, the cat-fighting, tantrum-prone, press-shy Doherty sat for a TV Guide interview with Liz Smith, and admitted that her in-depth research didn't extend to reading Mitchell's novel. But she did see the movie.

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