Artist to Unveil Nude Margaret Thatcher Statue

A more tasteful portrait of Thatcher at Christie's in London, December 11. An artist is set to unveil a nude of the former British prime minister. Peter Nicholls/Reuters

A Leeds-born artist is to unveil a nude sculpture of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Marcus Harvey's Maggie Island shows Thatcher on her side sporting "novelty breasts" and pigs heads on her hips.

Harvey told the Press Association that the piece began as a Britannia figure that "personified the nation and mood," which soon morphed into Thatcher as he played with the British love for "anarchic humour."

The accompanying pig's head symbolises Thatcher's "ludicrously naive" deregulation and privatisation plans that "ushered in the great era of greed," he said.

The piece forms part of Harvey's new show at Jerwood Gallery in Hastings, England. The show is entitled Inselaffe, meaning "island monkeys" in German, in an affectionately barbed reference to the British.