25 Perfect Margarita Recipes to Get You Through the Summer

Tequila, triple sec and fresh lime combine to make the margarita, long considered the true taste of Mexico.

Although the history of the origin of the drink remains disputed, cocktail designers Tom Savano claims restaurant owner Carlos Herrera designed the drink for aspiring actress Marjorie King; tequila being the only spirit she was not allergic to, mixing it with lime and triple sec to make it more appealing to her palate.

But while just three ingredients form the cocktail's core, experts have recently created rather more experimental margarita recipes. Jessica Wilsdon, Chief Mixologist from The Ice Co, believes evolving drinking habits has led to more artisan tastes.

Wilsdon told Newsweek: "There's no denying that the well-revered margarita is special—it offers the finest blend of tequila, lime, agave, and orange liqueur, and works well with a wide range of food.

"It also offers great versatility and can be creatively altered but still taste divine. Now, you can walk into a bar or have a search online and find a whole host of twists on the original margarita recipe. Whether that's ginger and pineapple, mint, and green tea—the list is endless.

"However, nothing can detract from the beauty of the classic margarita blend—whether shaken or stirred. If you're a purist and want to experience a margarita in its most authentic form, opt for tequila made from 100 percent blue agave."

Only a handful of tools are considered essential for making a margarita: a pitcher, margarita glasses, a lime juicer, a zester, a cocktail shaker (a lidded mason jar will do), straws and a blender.

Newsweek presents 25 perfect margarita recipes suitable for every occasion during the social summer season.

Unless directed, these recipes all make two margarita servings. Please drink responsibly.

1. Quick & Easy Classic Margaritas

Classic Margarita Recipe
This classic margarita is as straightforward as a cocktail recipe can be The Ice Co

This classic margarita is as straightforward as a cocktail recipe can be.

3 Ice Co Super Cubes
40ml Tequila
25ml Cointreau
25ml Lime juice
1 Lime wedge to garnish

1. Add a handful of ice along with all the other ingredients to a cocktail shaker.
2. Shake and strain over Super Cubes, then garnish and serve.

2. Skinny Margaritas

This skinny margarita recipe is made with fresh ingredients and sweetened with agave nectar to keep the drink as healthy as possible.

25ml Lime juice
1tbs Agave nectar
100ml Orange juice
50ml Tequila

1. Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake to combine.
2. Pour over ice into salt-rimmed glasses. Pour a splash of sparkling water into each glass, then garnish with limes and serve.

3. Frozen Classic Margaritas

The frozen margarita cocktail is a classic way to relax with friends on a warm summer night.

50ml Cointreau
25ml Fresh lime juice
50ml Reposado tequila
50ml cup Agave nectar/syrup

1. Place the first four ingredients in a blender and add two cups of ice.
2. Next, blend until smooth and add more ice if necessary and serve.

4. Frozen Strawberry Margaritas

Enjoy this frozen strawberry margarita immediately or store it in the freezer for a party later.

200g Frozen strawberries
2tbs Cointreau
2tbs Fresh lime juice
100ml Reposado tequila
2tbs Agave syrup
Pinch of kosher salt
200g Ice

1. Start by rubbing the glasses' rim with a lime slice and dip in the prepared salt blend.
2. Next, place the ingredients in a blender and mix until the desired consistency is achieved.
3. Pour into prepared glasses, garnish with fresh strawberries and a lime wedge and serve immediately.

5. Frozen Peach Margaritas

Peach Frozen Margarita Recipe
Homemade peach iced margerita with fresh mint and ice cubes in glass jar wmaster890/Getty Images

These frozen peach margaritas are the perfect accompaniment to socializing on hot summer nights.

250g Frozen peach slices
100ml Tequila
100ml Triple sec
100ml Agave syrup
100ml Lime juice
250g Ice
Mint sprigs, peach slices and salt to garnish

1. Put the peaches, tequila, triple sec, honey and lime juice into the glass of a blender and pulse until the desired mix consistency is acquired.
2. Add the ice and pulse again until the margarita mix has a smooth and thick consistency.
3. Now rub a lime wedge over the edge of the glasses and dip the rims into the salt.
4. Pour the frozen peach margarita into the glasses and garnish with mint sprigs and peach slices, before serving immediately.

6. Orange Margaritas

These bright and extremely refreshing orange margaritas are the perfect way to get a party started.

1 Lime wedge
1tbs Coarse sea salt
75ml Freshly squeezed orange juice
50ml Tequila
25ml Triple sec
25ml Freshly squeezed lime juice
10ml Algarve syrup

1. Run the lime wedge over the rim of the glass, then dip the top of the glass into a plate of salt to coat the rim.
2. In a cocktail shaker with ice, add the orange juice, tequila, triple sec, lime juice and simple syrup.
3. Then shake well to combine and chill the drink, before serving the margaritas immediately.

7. Passionfruit Margaritas

These delicious passionfruit margaritas are as easy to enjoy with friends as they are to make.

50g Passion fruit pulp
100ml Tequila
100ml Cointreau
100ml Lime juice
50ml Honey
Lime or jalapeño slices, mint or basil to garnish

1. In a pitcher stir together the passion fruit pulp, tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and honey until everything is properly mixed.
2. Fill the pitcher with ice and garnish with lime slices.
3. Once the margarita is ready to serve, rub a lime wedge over the edge of the glass and dip into the rimming salt and garnish with lime slices, jalapeños and/or fresh herbs.

8. Cranberry Margaritas (serves 8)

This sweet and tangy pitcher cranberry-infused margarita cocktail is simple to make entirely from scratch.

80g Honey ginger simple syrup—see below recipe
500ml Cranberry juice
100ml Lemon juice
40ml Tequila
100ml Cointreau
1 Lemon, sliced
Salt, lemon wedges, mint sprigs to garnish

For the honey lemon ginger simple syrup:
120ml Honey
2 Lemon peels
1 inch piece ginger
200ml water

For the simple syrup:
1. In a small saucepan over low heat, stir together the honey, water, lemon peels and ginger.
2. Cook, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes, before removing from the heat, and discarding the lemon peel and ginger. Allow the syrup to cool completely before using it in the margarita mix.

For the margaritas:
1. In a pitcher stir together the simple syrup, cranberry juice and lemon juice.
2. Next, add the tequila and Cointreau and stir to incorporate, before adding the lemon slices and fill with ice.

9. Cucumber Jalapeno Margaritas (serves 4)

Cucumber Margarita
Delicious summer cocktail cucumber martini in a glasses Lilechka75/Getty Images

This piquant cucumber margarita is the perfect mix for fresh and fun summertime parties.

50ml Water
50ml Fresh lime juice
60g Sugar
60g Fresh cilantro whole
1 Jalapeno pepper sliced in half lengthwise
2 Large cucumbers sliced
200ml Exotico Reposado tequila
100ml Triple sec
Cilantro and salt pulsed together in a food processor to get green salt
Cucumber slices to garnish

1. Bring water, lime juice, sugar, cilantro, and jalapeno to a boil in a saucepan, then reduce to a simmer and cook for 2 more minutes.
2. Remove from heat and transfer to a small bowl, removing the jalapeno and cilantro and discarding, then allow to cool in the fridge.
3. While the jalapeno simple syrup is chilling, puree cucumbers in a high-powered blender, then strain the cucumber puree through a fine-mesh metal strainer and also refrigerate.
4. When ready to serve, add jalapeno simple syrup and cucumber juice to a pitcher, then introduce the tequila and triple sec and stir to combine.
5. Finally, pour over ice into cilantro salt-rimmed glasses, top with cucumber slices and serve.

10. Reposado Tequila Margaritas

Tom Savano Margarita
The Tom Savano Margarita Tom Savano Margarita

Tom Savano's variation switches out the Triple Sec for fresh Agave to compliment the tequila flavors, rather than overpower them.

50ml Reposado tequila
20ml Lime juice
12.5ml Cointreau
12.5ml Agave syrup

For the chili salt:
1tbs Salt
2g Chili powder
2g Ancho Chili Powder
1g Smoked Paprika

1. Mix all the ingredients for the chili salt rim in a bowl together.
2. Simply shake the drink ingredients over ice and serve with a chili salt rim on the glasses.

11. Easy Pomegranate Margaritas

Poppin' Poms
This fantastic Poppin' Poms drink is particularly fruity and sharp, just like a Margarita ought to be. Poppin' Poms

This fantastic drink is particularly fruity and sharp, just like a margarita ought to be.

1 Lime
2tbsp Caster sugar
1tbsp Fine sea salt
35ml Tequila
1tbsp Triple sec
60ml Pomegranate juice
1tsp Agave syrup
1tbsp Pomegranate seeds

1. Cut the lime into round slices. Use one of the slices to rub around the rim of a tumbler.
2. Place the sugar and salt on a flat plate mixing well, then dip the rim of the glass into the sugar and salt mix.
3. Place the tequila, triple sec, pomegranate juice and agave syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well.
4. Finally, add ice to the tumbler and a few lime wheels and then strain the tequila mix into the glass, before serving with extra pomegranate seeds.

12. Apple Cider Margaritas

These delicious cocktails are the ideal accompaniment to enjoy in late summer and even take you into fall.

Ground cinnamon, sugar and maple syrup for the rim
200ml Apple cider
100ml El Mayor Tequila Blanco
25ml Cointreau or triple sec
4tbs Lime juice
4tbs Maple syrup

1. Mix the cinnamon and sugar and dip the glass' rim in maple syrup and then in the cinnamon-sugar mixture.
2. Then after filling the glass with ice, mix the apple cider, tequila, Cointreau or triple sec, lime juice, and maple syrup in a cocktail shaker.
3. Add ice and simply shake to combine, then strain into the rimmed glass.

13. Watermelon Margaritas

Watermelon Margaritas Recipe
This fantastic fresh and fruity watermelon flavored margarita is best served during the summertime Westend61/Getty Images

This fantastic fresh and fruity watermelon flavored margarita is best served at the height of summertime.

75ml Quality Tequila Blanco
50ml BOLS watermelon liqueur
50ml Freshly squeezed lime juice
15ml Agave nectar
150g Cubed watermelon

1. Blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender.
2. Rim 2 glasses with lime juice and then dip in coarse sea salt and fill with ice.
3. Then strain watermelon margarita mix over the ice and top with a watermelon triangle and serve.

14. Roasted Tomato Margaritas

These easy-to-make margaritas add a Bloody Mary twist to the classic Mexican cocktail.

1lb Cherry tomatoes
A drizzle of olive oil
1 Clove garlic minced
1tsp sea salt
1tsp black pepper
1tsp chili powder optional
200ml Water
75ml Tequila
1tbs Freshly squeezed lime juice
155g Ice
Chili powder, coarse sea salt, lime slices for garnish

1. Heat oven to 350F and toss together the tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper, and chili powder in a large bowl then spread tomato mixture onto a baking sheet and roast in the oven for 15 minutes.
2. Add tomatoes to a high-powered blender with a splash of water and blend until totally smooth.
3. Add tomato puree to a cocktail shaker with tequila, lime juice, and ice and shake well.
4. Mix the chili powder and coarse salt on a small plate, wipe the glass' rim with a lime wedge and then dip in the chili/salt combination.
5. Finally, fill the glass with more ice and pour the margarita mix into the glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

15. Frozen Watermelon Margaritas

This ice-cold watermelon margarita is so refreshing it is a great way to enjoy a refreshing drink with friends on a hot summer day.

250g Seedless and cubed watermelon rind removed
50ml Lime juice
80ml Good quality tequila
30ml Orange juice
75g Ice

1. First, freeze the watermelon chunks for a minimum of two hours.
2. Next, combine all the ingredients in a blender and pulse until fully combined and smooth—feel free to add more ice if required to reach the perfect consistency.
3. Now simply pour into salt or sugar-rimmed glasses and garnish with a single lime wedge.

16. Skinny Peach Frozen Margaritas

This slightly lower-calorie cocktail is made with frozen peaches, peach sparkling water, agave nectar, lime juice, and—of course—tequila.

225g Frozen peaches
50ml Exotico Resposado tequila
25ml Fresh lime juice
75ml Mountain Vally Peach Sparkling Water
0.5tbs Light agave nectar
125g cups crushed ice
Salt lime wedges and peach slices for garnish

1. Add the peaches, tequila, lime juice, sparkling water, agave nectar, and ice to a blender and use the smoothie setting until the margarita mix is fully combined.
2. If too thick, add more sparkling water. If too thin, add more ice.
3. Now simply serve in cups rimmed with salt and add lime and peach slices to garnish.

17. Mulled Wine Margaritas (serves 6)

Mulled wine margarita
Mulled wine margaritas offer complex flavors and warm the soul during the festive season wmaster890/Getty Images

These Christmas margaritas offer complex flavors and warm the soul if you feel like getting festive ahead of the winter season.

4 Whole cloves
8 Whole black peppercorns
8 Whole allspice
3 Cinnamon sticks
1 Bottle Malbec wine
30g Agave syrup
60g Dark brown sugar
400ml Spiced apple cider
50ml Orange juice
50ml Triple sec
30ml Exotico Reposado tequila
1 Large orange sliced
Sea salt, sugar and orange zest for garnish

1. Heat cloves, peppercorns, allspice, and cinnamon sticks in a saucepan over medium heat and allow the mix to heat and crackle but not burn. Remove from heat when the aroma is fragrant.
2. Heat a dutch oven or stockpot over low heat and add the wine, agave, brown sugar, cider, juice, liqueur, tequila, orange slices and toasted spices into the pot and stir to combine, then simmer, covered, for a minimum of an hour.
3. Next, strain the mixture and return to the pot without the spices.
4. Serve in glasses rimmed with a mixture of sea salt, sugar, and orange zest and garnish with a fresh orange slice and cinnamon stick.

18. White Wine Margaritas (serves 4)

This white wine margarita cocktail is as simple to make as it is refreshing to drink.

1 Bottle Pinot Grigio wine
300ml Limeade concentrate
400ml Orange juice
100ml Tequila
Sea salt, lime, and orange slices as garnish

1. Combine the wine, limeade, orange juice, and tequila in a large pitcher, then fill the empty limeade can with water twice and mix into the pitcher, stirring to combine.
2. Next, take a lime wedge and wet the rim of each glass and dip into sea salt to coat.
3. Finally, fill each glass with ice, pour over the margarita mix and garnish with lime or orange slices before serving.

19. Broiled Grapefruit Margaritas

This margarita mix is popular with fans of the tangy-sweet fruit.

75ml Tequila
3 Ruby red grapefruits
60g Dark brown sugar
60g White sugar
4tbs Fresh lime juice
1tbs Agave nectar
Splash sparkling water per glass
Coarse salt and rosemary for the glass rim garnish

1. Slice two grapefruits in half and the third into half-inch slices and then again in half and then position all the grapefruit on a cookie sheet.
2. Next, combine the brown and white sugar and liberally top the grapefruit halves and slices with the mixture, before putting under the broiler for 8 to 10 minutes or until the grapefruit is caramelized and then set aside.
3. Squeeze the grapefruit halves into a cocktail shaker, then mix in the lime juice, agave nectar, and tequila, add ice and shake until fully combined.
4. On a small plate, mix 2 parts coarse sea salt to one part dried rosemary, then wet the rim of each glass and dip in the salt mixture.
5. Finally, pour the margaritas over ice and garnish with the broiled grapefruit wedges and top with a splash of sparkling water.

20. Spiced Blackberry Margaritas (serves 4)

This straightforward cocktail recipe uses tequila, blackberry brandy, green chiles, fresh fruit, agave, orange juice and lime, while its chili rim adds a touch of spice.

350g Fresh blackberries
40g Old El Paso green chiles
200ml Lime juice
75ml Blackberry brandy
500ml Orange juice
150ml Tequila
3tbs Agave nectar
Coarse sea salt and chili powder for rim and blackberries for garnish

1. Combine the lime juice, blackberries and green chiles in a small bowl and blend until fully combined into a smooth consistency.
2. Pour the blackberry mixture through a fine-mesh strainer to remove all the seeds, then pour the juice into a pitcher, followed by the blackberry brandy, orange juice, tequila, and agave and stir well.
3. Combine in equal parts the sea salt and chili powder and dip the rim of each glass in water or lime juice and then submerge in the salt/chili mixture.
4. Finally, fill each glass with ice and then pour in the spiced blackberry margarita mix.

21. Chili Mango Margaritas (serves 4)

Chili Mango Margarita Recipe
These chilled chili mango margarita cocktails really help keep a party cool during those hot summer months Elena Veselova/Getty Images

These chilled margarita cocktails really help keep a party cool during hot summer months.

500g Frozen mango chunks
300ml Frozen limeade concentrate
50ml Water
75ml Tequila
A dash of hot sauce
Coarse sea salt and chili powder for rim
Lime slices for garnish

1. Combine the mango chunks, limeade concentrate, water, tequila and hot sauce and blend until well combined, add a little more water for a thinner consistency.
2. Next, on a small plate, mix equal parts sea salt and chili powder and dip the glasses' rim rubbed with lime juice in the salt/chili mixture.
3. Finally, pour the margarita mix into each glass and garnish with a lime wedge, before serving.

22. Margarita Punch Recipe

This delicious adult drink can be made child-friendly by leaving out the tequila.

100g Strawberries chopped
75ml Frozen limeade concentrate thawed
25ml Water
1tbs Agave nectar
75ml Tequila
100ml Orange juice
200ml Strawberry soda
60g Sugar
Half lime and 2 strawberries sliced for garnish

1. Pulse chopped strawberries, sugar, and a little water with a food processor until smooth.
2. Next, pour the strawberry mixture into a large pitcher and add the limeade, orange juice, soda, agave nectar, tequila and remaining water, before stirring well.
3. Finally, simply serve over ice, garnished with strawberries and limes and salt the glasses' rim for added margarita flair.

23. Frozen Cherry Limeade Margaritas

This frozen cherry limeade margarita is designed to make you feel refreshed and revitalized during social gatherings.

300ml Frozen limeade concentrate
300ml Water
2tbs Tart cherry juice concentrate
50ml Tequila
Enough ice to fill the blender

1. Combine the limeade, water, tart cherry juice, ice and tequila into the desired consistency with a blender container.
2. Then pour the margarita mix into salt-rimmed glasses and top with maraschino cherries and lime slices.

24. Red White and Blue Margarita Slushy (serves 6)

Celebrate Independence Day with these patriotically colored and refreshing red, white and blue margarita slushies.

For red layer:
60g Ice
200g Frozen strawberries
40ml El Mayor Blanco Tequila
25ml Cointreau
50ml Grenadine
25ml Lime juice

For blue layer:
75g Ice
40ml El Mayor Blanco Tequila
25ml Cointreau
50ml Blue curaçao
25ml Lime juice

For white layer:
400g Ice
15ml El Mayor Blanco Tequila
25ml Cointreau
50ml Lime juice
1tbs Agave nectar

1. Make each layer of margarita separately by blending all ingredients in a high-powered blender, ensuring the jar is rinsed well between layers.
2. Then, after making each layer, pour into glasses one-by-one, to create the red white and blue layered effect.

25. Mango & Strawberry Frozen Margheritas

mango and strawberry margerita
This highly refreshing frozen mango and strawberry margerita reportedly has only approximately 120 calories per serving The Ice Co

This highly refreshing frozen margarita has approximately just 120 calories per serving.

1 Handful of The Ice Co Party Ice
3 to 4 Strawberries
3 to 4 Mango chunks
50ml Tequila
1tsp Sugar
50ml Lime juice
A lime wheel to garnish

1. Add the ice and all the other ingredients to a blender and blend for 30 seconds.
2. Now simply pour into your salt-rimmed margarita glass of choice, garnish and serve.