This Is How Marilyn Monroe Would Look If She Swapped Her 'Grandma Hair' for a Modern Style

Marilyn Monroe is an internationally recognized fashion icon, with her glamorous looks, platinum locks and breezy dresses.

The actress was a sex symbol of the 1950s and '60s, cemented by her roles as a ditzy blonde in Some Like It Hot, The Seven Year Itch, and the aptly named Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Her likeness has been printed on T-shirts, cushions, bags and canvases, while artist Andy Warhol used her image for his 1967 work, the "Marilyn Diptych."

In it, and in most of her photographs and movies, the model is sporting her trademark peroxide hair, in short, tight curls, as was the fashion at the time when rollers were all the rage.

But now Monroe, who was 36 when she died in 1962, has been given a modern makeover by a fan, posting under @tmoneaay on TikTok.

Her account features numerous celebrities and royals of yesteryear, re-imagined in today's fashions. "I was hoping someone would request #MarilynMonroe," she captioned the clip.

Tmoneaay edited a series of images of the late actress, giving her long hair, curly locks, and feathered tresses, ranging from strawberry blonde to a honey brown.

"It's not fair that someone's this beautiful," she said at the start, in front of a color image of Monroe wearing a black turtleneck.

She transforms her with shoulder-length, tousled hair, giving the actress a more youthful appearance. Explaining her video series, Tmoneaay said: "Now if you don't know what I'm doing, we are on a journey as women to figure out does long modern hairdos make you look younger."

In the next image, Monroe is sporting a red crop top and Tmoneaay edits her look to give her darker, curlier hair, transforming her appearance.

"Yes. See. Am I wrong," she asks, referencing how much younger Monroe appears in the same photograph.

She edits another black-and-white snap, possibly taken at the same time as the first, as Tmoneaay continues: "Does her long hair make her look younger? Yes. Is she wearing white pants? Yes. Do white pants mean you're confident as hell? Yes."

Another photo shows the siren in one of her most famous snaps, looking sultrily at the camera.

"Ok so this is I'm sexy, with a hint of grandma hair," Tmoneaay says, as she gives her a long, straight do, claiming: "And this is I'm sexy and I'm going to eat your grandma for dinner."

Tmoneaay gave her another curly cut in warm blonde tones, as she noted: "I can almost hear her sing happy birthday Mr. President."

The last image she edits is another well-known snap of the actress, where she's posing in a white, strapless gown with a bold red lip.

But Tmoneaay isn't a fan of the hair, as she reckons: "This hairstyle, it's not even a roller set."

She gives her loose, blonde waves cascading down her shoulders, making Monroe look fresh-faced and youthful.

Iconic image of Marilyn Monroe.
Iconic image of Marilyn Monroe. A fan has given the actress a modern makeover, reimagining her with long hair. Bettmann/Getty Images

The transformation has been met with applause online, with the video watched more than 100,000 times, and can be seen here.

"Scarlett Johansen vibes," Joy Hill wrote.

Alison Spangler commented: "Yes I was thinking the other day how she had old-lady-curlers-set-under-a-dryer-hair."

Speculating on why Monroe never grew it out, Thejenniwild thought: "I bet her hair was fried from the bleach. It suited her but longer is more youthful and maybe they had to keep it short?"

Taylor Amanda pointed out: "She has grandma hair because she would be a grandma today if she didn't pass. That was their style then."

While Rchel Aveling added: "Yes! I've never been able to see past the grandma hair. Oh my gosh, she's beautiful."

Newsweek reached out to @tmoneaay for comment.

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