What Really Happened to Marina Joyce? YouTuber Feuds with Keem About Alleged Drug Use

YouTuber Marina Joyce got into a feud with fellow YouTube star Keem after she claimed she was in a "dangerous place" when rumors swirled that she was kidnapped in 2016. Thousands of fans were convinced something bad happened to the social media star when she whispered "save me" in one of her videos. Since then, Joyce hasn't given an explanation about what happened to her—until now. The only problem is that some people, namely Keem, aren't buying what she's saying.

"None of it makes sense very vague statements after very strange vague statements for two years," Keem told Newsweek on Saturday. "I suggest that she's on drugs and she denied these claims and was upset with me. I don't think she has a right to be upset with anyone speculating when she won't provide a reasonable explanation."

As Keem noted, one theory from 2016 wasn't that Joyce had been kidnapped, but that she was using drugs. In her statements on Friday and Saturday, Joyce denied that her her "dangerous" time was just to get attention. Joyce claimed she was truly struggling in her "Dear Haters" YouTube video, published Friday, which currently has more than 28,000 views.

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In 2016, some fans were worried YouTube star Marina Joyce had been kidnapped after she whispered "save me." Getty Images

"Saving Marina Joyce made me realize that I needed to change some things in my life to make my life a lot happier, safer and healthier," Joyce said in her YouTube video, "Cause I was in danger in a lot of ways and that was the truth. It's not a joke when you say 'help me' because I was actually in danger and I actually went through a lot of physical pain as well as emotional pain. Everyone was right. There was danger in my life, but I managed to get out of it through the support of my loved ones…"

When Keem started pushing Joyce to explain herself more on Saturday, telling her be more transparent with her fans and reveal why she asked fans for money to build a temple, Joyce revealed she was blind in one eye. She vehemently denied the 2016 act being a publicity stunt.

"It was never a publicity stunt. I went blind in one eye and I spent 2 whole months in hospital which left me traumatised and confused in life. I don't want to divulge my health issues on the internet, I was a kid with dreams about the temple, but I've grown up now," she tweeted Saturday. "why do people make drama & conspiracies about me then blame me saying i made a publicity stunt when all they're doing is stirring up drama themselves about me? They accuse me of causing drama when the reason why it's popular anyway is because they started it for relevancy & money"

Joyce did not immediately respond to Newsweek's request for comment.

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