Missing Marissa Grimes Found Dead Underneath Texas Home, Suspect Arrested—Police

A Texas woman, who had been reported as missing, has been found dead, according to police.

Marissa Grimes, 26, of Haltom City was reported as missing earlier this month on February 12.

Valerian Osteen, 24, has been arrested as a suspect, following the discovery of Grimes' deceased body underneath a home in Fort Worth, according to authorities.

Police told Newsweek that Osteen had previously been arrested by the Fort Worth Police Department for a domestic violence offense on January 9 this year, where Grimes was the victim.

On January 13 Osteen was bonded out of Tarrant County Jail and an emergency protective order was issued that prohibited him from contacting Grimes, according to police.

Following the arrest regarding the death of Grimes, Osteen's bond was revoked in relation to the domestic violence offense. He was transferred to the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office, where he is currently incarcerated with no bond. Police also said additional charges are expected.

They were able to secure a warrant on February 22 as police believed "there was a possibility a deceased person was located in or around the residence," according to a statement seen by Newsweek.

"A deceased person was subsequently located underneath the residence. Tarrant County Medical Examiner personnel soon took possession of the body and on 02/25/2022, the deceased person was identified as 26-year-old Marissa Grimes."

The missing poster for Grimes said that she would not go a long time without contacting her family. It also said that she was last seen by her mother.

"Marissa Grimes was last seen by her mother in Haltom City, Texas on February 12, 2022, the poster said.

"Marissa was going to a friend's house in Fort Worth, Texas to pick up her personal belongs. The Fort Worth Police Department located her moving truck abandoned in West Fort Worth not far from Cherry Lane, near the person she was hiding from.

"Marissa's purse was found inside of the vehicle. Marissa is the mother of two kids and would never go this long without contacting her family."

A press release issued by the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney also highlighted Osteen's prior felony convictions.

[In January] Osteen was released after Magistrate Mark Thielman set his bond at $10,000 for the "Aggravated Assault and $5,000 for the Unlawful Restraint, both felony offenses," a press release said.

"Osteen was placed on bond conditions which included not contacting the victim, Marissa Grimes, and complying with a GPS leg monitoring system.

"At the time Magistrate Thielman set those bonds, Osteen already had five prior felony convictions, a misdemeanor conviction for Terroristic Threat, and several other misdemeanor convictions.

"Judges and magistrates have access to risk assessments, lethality assessments, and criminal history when setting bonds. Osteen also has had sentences revoked in the past for non-compliance with court orders."

Newsweek has contacted the Fort Worth Police Department for comment.

Marissa Grimes
An image of Marissa Grimes from The Aware Foundation missing persons poster. Grimes' dead body has since been discovered and a man has been arrested. The Aware Foundation.